Suggestion: Temperature -> Resistance Change

Did nobody find it funny that we have more trouble with fiber cloth on than running nude?
Of course, this only affects the north.
But while I’ve heard as some rumor, that you, the developers, want the players to be able to stay individual with our armor/clothes… Well…
I would like for resistance being something else than temperature.
Not rising or lowering the temperature, but instead offering resistance. Because it seems like that to me as it is in live version right now.

What I mean is:
Let fiber clothing grant 1 resistance to both. Any actual clothing should have good resistances. Though zamorian should be strong against heat, while weak against cold. Religious clothing should give very good resistance. On the other side, armor which visually gives not as much protection, should not give that much resistance to the elements. (Speaking of Vanir pelt stuff…)
Obviously, the legendary armorers armor (that wild stuff) should give medium protection againt both - as thralls wear this stuff in the desert and since it doesnt cover that much skin anyway.
But any else armor should be checked carefully.


I agree, it’s really strange that wearing some clothing will actually make me colder in the North. I could understand that being true in the case of metal armors, but with the Coarse clothing, it’s just plain weird. Seems like a bug.

Temperature is bugged at the moment (atleast in testlive), and judging by last live stream, Joel seems to be aiming at making things more punishing, Eitherway they are in balance/polish phase, expect the temp values to be tweaked shortly

You can wear your bikini in the snow, but you’re going to pay for it.

How did you know that the combo of darfari medium chest, black hand trousers, climbing gloves, no helmet and maybe aquilonian shoes would be to my liking?

Those winter armors look bad. Except for Vanir chest+helmet. Those look neat! (Gloves+shoes are fine as well.)

@Ren I’m looking forward to fixes on temperature. :slight_smile: