Heat / Cold resistance changes

The system needs some sort of shakeup. I’ve seen a few complain about DLC items not being wearable because of the heat/cold stat, maybe a fix could be to take all heat / cold off the gear and instead make it a secondary armor kit that we can add, allowing us to give any gear different heat/cold ratings and giving us as players more control of what we wear and where!

It could also require major end game materials to apply the heat/cold resistance for higher grading :slight_smile:


I’d add this variable for the materials to define. Depending from the materials used, we could alter the resistance element for that product we are after. Could alter the costume a bit too in case the alteration is significant enough, like making a cloth with or without feathers.

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This would be great. I wanted to use strength armor for my fighter type barbarian, but there is no heavy strength armor for both hot and cold. I can have strength armor with heat resistance but no strength armor with cold resistance (I believe). It’s too bad. Also the look and feel of some of the armor is crap and I hate having to wear crappy looking armor because it has the right temp resistance.

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Exactly. If only we could harness the aptitude of local biometrics, the crafting would be much pleasant experience.

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