Funcom, we need to talk about this temperature stuff. Seriously

Okay, so it’s not my first time bringing this up. Let me try again now after a few months of being silent.

I’m proposing this issue:
The temperature resistance is wildly disproportionate, and more of an inconvenience or annoyance that works against the feeling of freedom when it comes to armor,drink and food.
It does not contribute to the feeling of cold/hot weather survival more than it takes away from the experience of a sandbox game.

My thoughts:
As I’m sure we all do, I love the variety packed into this game. Cultures, designs and uses in a myriad of choices, but I personally find my choices limited by half because of the temperature system.
I’ll explain why. The amount of grid squares on the map that makes up the playable area number about 130. 130 squares of space.

Out of these 130 squares, only 23 of those squares have a climate where you will suffer debuffs if you go there in full flawless heat-resistant gear. Likewise to the opposite, if you visit the rest of the map outside those 23 squares in full flawless cold resistant gear, you’re going to be boiled sweaty barbarian within a few seconds.
Even when including the DLC armors, i found that just about 50-60% of the armorsets in the game are Cold Resistance armor. Meaning that this is divided down the middle, and we’ve gotten it explained before during a devstream that the reasoning for this is for balance, not for realism. (I.E. why the zamorian thief armor which is skimpy and showing lots of skin, is Cold Resistant gear.)
So, this is a game design choice, and i would argue (without blaming anyone here, i love the game very very very much!) that that choice was a bad one.
We don’t really need heatstrokes and frostbites covering the map that will kill us if we wear one thing or the other, there can be more interesting mechanics here. Movement speed, thirst rate, stamina decrease etc are better than adding health drain ontop of it. More so, we certainly don’t need to cater away half the game’s awesome gear to those very few who live in the only cold 18% of the map - and make them sweat their badonkadonk off when they go south, forcing them to change outfit or armor again.

This becomes beyond annoying when a change in armor means a change in stats, making a trip through the snow (or down to the sand for those who live there) a whole ordeal of changing gear, bringing extra gear, potions to respec with etc. It’s a damn hassle, and I for one hope it gets changed.

I logged in today to enjoy the new DLC, and kind of raged when i noticed my favourite armor (the blood and sands assassin armor) had suddenly been changed from heat resistant gear, to cold resistant.
My other favourites too, are cold resistant. The entire Turan set for example, all 3 of them are cold resistant, making them pretty much impossible for me to enjoy since i build in the deep swungle, and i hate that my favourite stuff has to lay in some chest, and i can never use it other than those rare times i go north for star metal.

PLEASE, read my post this time. I think this is my third thread on the subject and i’m really, really frustrated over this bonkers system.

I made a different map this time, counting all the squares of playable area and dividing them into what armors work where. I took ONLY heat resistance and cold resistance into account, with heat resistance as “normal.” Every red “H” you see is an area where heat resistant gear providing a full 10 heat resistance will work perfectly. No debuffs.
In the cold area, marked with a blue “C”, you require at least +3 cold resistance, up to +10.

I love the frozen north too, but please don’t trick me on more DLC gear. In fact, stop playing with all of us on this, wether we belong in the snow or in the desert, or jungle, or volcano, wherever :frowning: !


How are you playing that this makes a difference, I can run around the whole map with no issues, I use the same Cap Khitan armor and go all over the map with an ease.

As I’m not saying if your a newb and die because you haven’t learned the elements of the map then its understandable, but the whole point of the game is that your an exile, its not suppose to be comfortable.

I do agree with the crappy paid dlc’s issue. As A backer and beta purchaser its frustrating that all we got was the crappy Royal armor and didn’t even give us the sword with it for us beta users, and now all they offer is paid dlc with random element protections.

To some, it might make no difference and I can understand that. To some, all that matters is armorvalue,damage and attributes, but I’m a roleplayer, and have been since beta when i moved over from AOC. To roleplayers, aesthetics is very important, it’s what the whole last DLC was about really, to cater to us rp’ers and im very happy with that…!
But, I stand by what i tested for myself though. As i settle in the jungle, i need armor with heat protection.
I always end up with the epic flawless versions of the armor i wear, which amounts to +10 heat protection all in all. If i go to any of those squares marked with a blue C tho, i will be too cold there and get debuffs. It feels rather pointless, since there’s no other notable mechanic to being cold other than a health debuff. It’s the same with using cold protection gear in the desert - there’s nothing big and dramatic about it other than bleeding health.
That’s arguably the whole “point” of the thermal system, to adjust to the enviroment.
I believe that can be achieved a lot better than by the current effects, while also letting people wear whatever armor they want. Considering about half the armor is meant to be worn in warm areas, and half in cold, it’s practically a restriction.

And I’ll also respectfully disagree though, you cannot run the whole map in flawless heavy vanir gear for example, you’d die of heatstroke real quick in several areas, like west of the darfari cap, the western oasis, the swungle, the volcano…etc etc.

Point is, it can be done better without attributing those temperature assignments as restrictions on gear. I was really ticked off today when i logged on and there’s yet another armorset magically swapped around to being cold gear. Another awesome set i paid for that i can’t use :stuck_out_tongue:


you absolutely can run the whole map with khitan armor I do it every day.
As a matter of fact I usually run around the frozen north with just my khitan boots and pants no tops.

if your dying from those areas you not doing something right, I do volcano runs every day for gold with my Khit armor and 2 bags of water.

Full context →

Whether or not your feedback goes anywhere in the future, I don’t know. But kudos for the detailed map and suggestions.

There might be some reasons why we don’t experience the same thing.
For example i take it you adjust your outfit by taking off pieces/putting back on when the areas get hot/cold, and do stuff like eat spiced food to heat up, or drink water to cool down.
Ofcourse, the issue is not that we don’t have any way to adjust - that’s not what im saying at all.
What i mean is that if i want to wear a full set of armor that i like which has cold protection, I can’t do that for long before removing parts of it,changing, or eating a bunch of ice to stay alive anywhere near the hottest areas. And since changing/removing armors also affect your attributes, it gets to be quite a hassle when you have a favourite build and/or armor. It’s simply cumbersome for no reward other than the soothing buff for when you get it right, which is…nice,but not very overwhelmingly motivating for hitting that sweetspot.
As for travelling the map, i tested again now that you said it and I’ll agree to disagree my friend :slight_smile:

Thank you Multigun, that’s a relief to see. Still hope the feedback reaches the team tho :slight_smile:

Except the detailed map is misleading for the Highlands and Tundra biome. In both you can go with a colt resist flawless epic armour without problem, or completely naked. Actually except in the very cold and very hot areas, it’s better to wander naked to avoid any temperature problems. I only put on an armour when I need to fight a 3 skulls creatures or enter a dungeons. The rest of the time dodging gives enough protection when I must fight.

You may disagree all you like it doesn’t change that I do it every day lol,
Secondly why I don’t rely on armor specs and only use my char specs with crafted drinks and for the north I use the broth that you can only buy from pirate vendor for 5 silver. and I can easily take a picture standing still too with my char overheating. you not going to be standing still while playing.

you can go in the extreme cold with out any armor but you can’t climb I usually just wear my boots to be able to climb at that point.

I think his point is he doesn’t feel like taking off armor “Even though you can hotbar your armor” he wants to run around the whole map with the armor he paid for and wear it as a whole.

But as mentioned in the upper comment the armor is bugged which is to be expected since every new dlc update has had that same bug.

I remember on one server I logged on and ran straight to the north naked with just a stone sword leveling people, and they were getting pissed cause they spent so much time with their stats lol. why I don’t concern myself with relying on armor stats.

Might have misunderstood how i formatted that map. The red H doesnt mean the area is hot, it just means you can wear flawless heat protection armor there without being so cold that you get debuffs.
Only in the areas with the blue C do you get so cold that you are required to have cold protection gear to avoid it. It’s not meant to display the actual temperature of each square, i dont have that amount of time on my hands :smiley:

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But wouldn’t you rather be able to wear your armor instead of micromanaging temperature like that everywhere you go? So you could rely on your armor stats and attributes, and instead buff your resistance to other thermal side effects with food/drink/potions?
For example, and this is just thought up on the spot - not a suggestion for me to make.
Say you wear your Khitan Captain armor, the full set in flawless quality. When you go to hot areas, instead of dripping health constantly and your heals becoming interrupted as soon as you pop them,
you could instead get side-effects like increased stamina cost from sprinting, slower movement speed, greatly increased climbing cost and greatly increased thirst or reduced effectiveness of drinking. However, that has nothing to do with your health until you actually start dying of thirst, but you can remove these side effects by a couple of potions or some desertberry brew thing, etc etc.
Would still be a temperature system, but now you can use your favourite armor set anywhere without literally dying continously and slowly.

No need to because my health doesn’t bleed when my hp is set to 30 or higher it regains fast, secondly you can use tattoo stats just the same as armor stats at that point as well.

Also the devs have it in mind to mismatch armor stats for this sole purpose. but getting 3 to 9 extra points doesn’t really account when you need to potion and tattoo to get your stats up to par for what your talking about with armor. that’s is what i call too much micromanaging and worrying about.

Its alot easier to just run plum naked around and throw my armor on when pvping, but as far as player vs environment im not going to worry about needless armor stats.

It still bleeds, counteracted by the 30 vit attribute perk yes it doesn’t really hinder much other than healing. If you prefer it this way tho then great, already got things your way ^^ Didn’t expect everyone to agree!

thats the reason why I developed fashionist. to mitigate the temperature system. it did not feel correct to have tons of armor pieces but depending on your current location you can only use a few of them.


Testerle! My hero ^^
As you know, I’m a big fan of your mods including fashionist that my whole community uses and loves ^^
You’ve done a great job solving this problem for us, It’s greatly appreciated, never forget that <3
I still see the original problem as a factory flaw tho, and even though we use your mod and won’t stop using it even if the temperature protection is solved (because of attribute boosts and just the super convenient features), I still look at this problem as something Funcom should fix, even proven by the popularity of your mod and especially the longevity of it.
Strongly agree with what you’re saying, the temperature system just doesn’t feel right, limiting your options to a fairly small selection only because of two very odd game design choices (in my humble opinion), the attribute bonuses and temperature protection.

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i think it would be nice to add what temperature protection stat we want , on our favorite looking armor, so we dont have to keep rearranging str, vit, encum, agil stats.
make them into plates, or oils we can rub in , or gems sockets or something. so we could switch those out , and all our stats stay the same .
might be easier to carry little gems around then full sets of different gear… just a thought

but then again with mounts coming , we will all be running so fast , and the load times will be so slow, that we wont even notice any temp damages…

I really want to add a stat cleaning logic to fashionist. remove all stats from armor (incl. temp resistance) and provide stats from other sources like kits/oils. with the current implementation of the system it’s not possible at runtime. the applied stat modifications are read only. I can’t add new ones (with negative values to equalize the existing ones) or delete the existing values. modifications based on datatables are not a real option because of dlc armors and armors from other mods.

Maybe funcom will make this possible at some point if they don’t want to change the stats for everyone as vanilla.
Let the modders fix it for those of us who would love something like this.