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Please, Please, consider taking a look finally again at Clothing and temperature interactions . Temperature is a little better now, but by no means on the level of survival anymore (by design now?) .

Furs and other items for protection from the cold, silks and other materials for protection from the heat was the way it used to be and it made most some sense. DLC armor skins have always been an illogical mess regarding temperature protection. I know this game is on the way back burner now, though it would be nice if clothing in regards to temperature and survival would be corrected.

Honestly, we used to use temperature as a means of base and area defense as well (and not using exploits) . This brings and brought more levels of tactics to the fighting. Weather could have been used so much more than previously to add increased depth to the atmosphere of the game than just color and texture.

So much lost opportunities .


Honestly I highly doubt, and firmly believe they ditched survival as a whole.

  • survival attribute gone
  • some perks, like doubled breathe time under water, resistance to food poisoning by eating raw stuff, tolersting temperatres better, halved fall dmagae, etc. are gone
  • armors have no specific and lofical heat/cold resistances as you said
  • wildlife is a joke, not a thread, especially now with reduced hp.
    Sadly this is a bad path they took with 3.0. And I dare to say, destroying survival slowly but surely begun even before 3.0.
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Yeah, does feels like Conan goes to Disney land atm with the difficulty.

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