Armors aren't climate-specific anymore?

Is it an error in the UI or are armors all +1 point towards both climates?

Wak4863 has made a video on YouTube about it. You are correct, they change it. I believe it is more logical now, i can understand that when it is hot it is better to be naked than wearing a fur, but when it is cold it is better to wear something than nothing :wink:. I remember in my first 40 levels my character was almost all the time naked :man_shrugging:. Now since the armors are dual clima i see no reason to wander around naked.

So for all intents and purposes, they removed the feature of using clothing for different climates. That’s…really disappointing. Oh well.

Some armor were supposed to be better for certain climates than others, all i’ve seen so far are +1 to everything that makes me wonder if they are not buged or something


ACTUALLY. Just saw this an realized you’re right. THIS IS A BUG.

I’m wearing full Hyrkanian Epic flawless and I have one to both heat and cold insulation. This is definitely a bug on Conan Revision 246072/264542. I’ll post on bugs.

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Thanks, it would be really stupid if this is the way clothing/armor worked now. It basically removes the feature.

I can understand what they were TRYING to accomplish with giving all the armors a heat and cold resistance.

What I do NOT understand is this: All the armors I have run across have equal amounts of BOTH heat and cold. So why the hell split up the temperatures types??? Just make it one stat, call it something like “extreme temperature protection”.

The way they are implementing the new system just does not make any sense considering there is no temperature resist variety among all the armors.

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Still i see no bug or mistake here, i think that a linen turban will protect my player either in hot and cold areas. When i was starting the game in a new server i had my obelisk run, so i was passing all the frozen areas naked and the volcano dressed :man_shrugging:, go figure. Still sometimes when i was passing from the den I was gaining from the treasure chests, hyena helmet and boots. Then i had my Bella running on the snow wearing only boots and helmet :wink:, omg i love this game :joy::joy::joy:.

It’s a bug (or a really stupid feature) when wearing heavy furs makes you less hot in the desert.

If you are talking about the pict armor, it was my question too once, but i just let it go. It is true that some things are silly, how can metal earrings, give you frost protection and armor for your head :man_shrugging:. Again it’s a game :wink:, it’s only fantasy.

Pict was the first DLC and they had too many cold armor sets already, so they decided to “balance” them out. I agree its immersion breaking, but now it is fixed…sort of, lol.

Yes, it was silly that when I teleported from my Sepermeru base to the Mounds of the Dead, the first thing I had to do was strip myself naked so as not to freeze.

It’s probably a bug (either in the UI or in the heat/cold resistance itself) if all armors are showing the same amount of protection. In the stream they explained that some armors will still be better at protecting against either heat or cold, but no armor would be actively harmful to wear in any conditions.

So Vanir fur should still be better at protecting against cold than Pictish duds. If this is not the case, something is wrong.

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I’m not sure why this is such a hard thing to program. All clothing should simply have a “heat value” and “cooling value”, and the more you wear, the more “heat” or “cool” you self-generate. Then as an addendum, if you are generating heat in the desert, it becomes a negative modifier. It’s not that difficult.

You could even make it a trade-off between armor and climate acclimation. So maybe the most cooling desert outfits are also the lightest (least armor). Same could be true for heating armor just to remain consistent (though that makes a little less sense).

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It might not even be a problem with the temp values on the armor itself, but rather a UI issue where all the entries are showing the same thing rather than the armor’s actual temp values.

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Once i remember i asked on suggestions to have reinforced climbing gear for cold … My wish is done :joy::joy::joy:.

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