Armor Temperature Classifications

Please fix the armor temperature tags.

Why is Zamorian Thief armor for cold weather?

Why is Pictish warm weather?

Why is Turanian cold weather?

Why is Reptillian cold weather when the only NPCs that wear it live in the volcano?

Why is the Lemurian armor cold weather when they live in the jungle?

Why is the Black Corsair armor cold weather?

Most of the armor temperature settings make no sense.

Please make the warm weather garb for warm and the cold weather garb for cold.


From the Devs: For BALANCE reason.
DLC armors will NEVER be changed.

Thats what they said in last Dev video.

What is the balance reason?

Have equal warm and cold ones?

I think its within 15-20mins of the talk (talk starts around minute 10-11)

I can see not reclassifying existing armors that are already being worn, however they could still take an approach like what they did with the Sword of Crom. By that I mean: grandfather armors already in play, and then change the recipes for all newly made armors to actually correspond to lore.

In this way, players wouldn’t suddenly find themselves dead (or screwed) upon login (i.e. logout in volcano wearing cooling armor, wake up wearing insulating armor), but we could start to have a bit better lore relevance/accuracy going forward. If the attribute bonuses on the armor remained as they are now, then PvP players would still have the visual cues they need to assess an opponent’s build before engaging them. In this way, we could have our cake and eat it too.

There are plenty of sets out now to cover all bases, so balance should be easily achievable.

What did they mean when they said “iffy”?


Part of discussion, I’m interested at (due topic), is located in the video between 29:22 and 32:00. The “iffy” part was mentioned at 29:45.

why cant they do it so we can attach what temp defense we want on any armor? kinda like weapon and tool upgrades.
i think this was mentioned before and i forget why they dont do it like this , but does it really break balance? i kinda get the lore stuff, but , in a game…more choices please.
if i feel pretty in dafari armor top and pants on the bottom , and feel like taking a long journey up north, why cant i just slap some cold armor stats on it all ?
cause i have seen some of the cold armor , and its not at all nice looking .( too me )
anyway thats my thoughts for the day, now i need a nap :slight_smile:


I just want the armors to make some sort of sense. There are plenty of sets to have good coverage of cold versus warm weather armor.

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I have a feeling that the devs have coded the feature in a way, then they describe it in a different way for some reason and then players understand it yet in another way.

No wonder the feature doesn’t make sense.

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