Turanian Temperature Resistance Petition


So basically i want to start a petition to switch the Turanian armour sets from Cold resistance to Heat resistance, because I feel it makes more sense to the lore. Yes, one can argue that in real life the desert drops to low degrees during the night, but that is not the case in the game.

Feel free to discuss, drop a :partying_face: if you share my opinion!

Vote here: https://forms.gle/xSb1UhVZGKnnYy7u9


I agree, cold resistance doesn’t make much sense lorewise.

They should have all armor come with base stats only and do weather resist through craftable armor buffs instead.

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I was a surprised and disappointed that the Turanian medium armor is Cold + Strength, isn’t that identical to the Khitan medium? I’d rather have some more variety in terms of significant choice.


From another point of view, it would be sorta “fair” that all DLC armors had the same temperature+stat +weight combinations. That way they’d be truly aesthetic-only options. But, with more content in the horizon, I’m sure we’ll get all combinations for stat, temperature and weight eventually.

I was happy to get a new cold-resistant light armor with a Survival bonus, one that can be repaired by any T4 thrall. Lemurian royal has low durability, and although its material cost is low, only Fia can repair the flawless version.

No, an always-hot desert makes no sense lore-wise. Well, and clothes that cover your whole body not protecting against cold make no sense lore-wise. A lot of the time, the temperature resistances of armors in the game make no sense, and won’t make sense as long as they protect only against hear or cold.

You can repair any armor using repair kits, you only need the thralls to craft it.

I would rather pay thick leather and hardened steel to repair them anyways, before spending more alchemical base.

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Yes please

They need to revamp all armor sets because most dont make any sense… Lemurian Cinderella Royal ARmor gives you cold protection while pictish teddybear warlord gives you heat protection… I repeat again : I know it is a game. But even in games in 2019 the armor should look a bit more realistic and no, the royal lemurian does not look like any cold protecion. Same for the zamorian thief armor.


I agree with the lore-geographic issue but you have also to keep in mind game balance: ok it makes no sense, but all of DLC armors except Khitan give heat protection, so, in the name of the game balance, it was needed to have Turan’s ones to give cold protection.

Well the game balance, okay. But then they guys who write the game balance need to sit down with the guys who design armor and talk. Problem solved :slight_smile:

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swap cold resist with pict


Funcom is trying to create some balace but it is making really unrealistic choices. Aquilonian and Turanian should be hot resistant and Pictish and Yamatai should be cold resistant. Khitan could be anything really. But the truth is that, being cosmetic DLC’s, why not just give both options and allow the player to craft two versions of the same armor in each pack? Exactly the same, but one for heat and another for cold.


As someone else said in the thread. Just strip all temperature protection from all armors. And make it up to the player via a craftable item. Add furs to increase the warmth provided. That’s what people did anyways, so why not copy reality?

As far as making armor cooler, surely they can come up with something to make things work better in the hot climates.

Then you can have two sets of Turanian armor. One for hot areas and one for cooler ones.

No need to balance because any armor can go either way, regardless of how it looks.

And then we can have people complaining about that. :slight_smile:

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