Climate resistance swap for Turan and Pictish armor!

Hey there peeps, I was thinking.

The Turan and Pictish armor sets both look amazing, but neither of them fit the theme of the climate they’re meant to protect you from, honestly neither of them even should. I’ve been trying to get to funcom for months now but it seems it will never get changed, could we perhaps grab their attention with this Forum post?


Don’t forget Zamorian thief armor… there are others as well that make no sense.


That is true, it makes me furious sometimes when you can’t wear Turan armor in the desert without suffering a heatstroke.


Just get rid of the damn resistances all together and finally make it a padding you must put on Armor or you have to use foods and drinks for climate resistance.


The problem with the resistance is that it isn’t. Our armor literally works lIke heating and air conditioning. I should not be able to get frost bite by putting on clothes in the desert. Or become colder in the north by putting clothes on versus being naked.


Pictish armor should definitely be for cold weather lol. But that would mess up my perfect balance of cold/warm armor lol

I’ve been saying this forever too. The Pictish Armor is very similar to the Armor in the Opening of the Conan 1982 Movie. And it pairs well with the Thulsa Doom Helm. But too bad! you can’t’ wear it in the snow…

And the Turan Armor again, i’ve seen people wear it in the desert only to die of heatstroke. Kinda defeats the purpose! It’s frigging stupid. And who would wear furs and heavy plate armor in a Syvanna? You’d cook alive.

You’re Supposed to Wear Furs in Cold/Winter Environments

And Wear something like this for warmer Climites as it’s mostly Cloth with some light leather/chain for protection

Derketo DLC weather types im fine with, The Yamatai is fine. The Khitan one is fine, the Arena one is fine. The Pictish and Turan ones really…Really…Really…Need to be swapped. It’s why i don’t wear the Pictish armor at all outside of giving it to my thralls. And the Turan one would be fine in the desert, but Ops… Can’t wear it in the Desert… That’s why you don’t see anybody wearing those two because you can’t for the area that you’re supposed to.


I support it

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They definitely won’t switch the temp stats for these armors, since a lot of people pick which dlc they want based on the armor temps. Switching these would upset a lot of players, much like the bear shaman bug that was recently fixed. The devs have stated that the armor temps they introduce are not based on looks, but on game balance.

It’s been mentioned and discussed a lot on these forums, but allowing the players to make linings and pick the temp resistance they want seems to be the ideal solution based on player feedback. Maybe one day, they’ll implement a better temp system. A girl can dream…


They can keep saying it and we can keep telling them they should change it.

The armor sets are not balanced with regards to temp/stat dispurtion. So their answer sucks.

Not to mention saying that they do not take lore or aesthetics into consideration is a, in my opinion, asinine stance to take.

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Heavy Pictish with heavy black furs everywhere is particularly egregious, but all Pictish should be cold weather. Hot is just plain silly. Skimpy Hyena armor with open toe boots gives cold protection? It makes no sense. Please fix.

thats why i am an advocate for addable cooling and warming padding that you need to put on to your armor. You just never get the satisfaction of actually wearing a full flawless set of the same armor without suffering from eather heat or cold all over most of the map. You have to mix and match. Its ridicilous.


Yeah, I love freezing in the desert at high noon. It’s awesome.

I don’t buy into Funcoms excuse, just swap the damn stats on the DLC already.

Agree to be swaped.

I don’t care if they swap anymore because lost all my good stuff already on the bear armor bug.

But agree for this swap, logic it is.

They should swap them. We paid extra for the DLC after all.

No they shouldn’t. It isn’t because people who are ignorant about Conan’s lore ask for a swap that it must be done. When you’ll understand that Pictish land is not cold and Turananian land is not a desert perhaps those silly requests will stop. But I’m not optimistic about it. You can repat that the Pïctish land is temperate like in western Europe, because that’s exactly where it is located on the hyborian map : the land that will become western Europeafter the end of the Hyborian age; Or that the Turanian land is purely continental, very hot in summer and very cold in winter, they are an Hyrkanian tribe that settled and the Hyrkanian armour set is cold resist… It does imprint.

You know that Funcom have said lore doesn’t go into the armor weather resistance? They do it according to Balance not lore. So don’t even bring up lore about the armors.

And balance dictates that you don’t see Arab inspired armor in Pine forests and Thick Hide and Furs in a Savanna Biome without it looking stupid and nonsensical and beyond logic even if lore factored into it, which it doesn’t. I repeat no historical or fantasy Culture is gonna wear Furs in 100 Degree Deserts. No culture would survive and you wouldn’t have the animals to make such armor, And Again, one could argue because the amount of DLCs were low at the time when the frontier DLCs were made. They aren’t as many choices. But Funcom need to swap the stats now.

Because when i think of a smelting hot desert as a player, i’m naturally gonna want to wear in-game armor that resembles this?


What I mostly don’t understand is the talk about balance. If we take it into consideration there’s only two points in the game when making the DLC armour is worth it, in the beggining, when it’s still on par with the default Light, Medium and Heavy armour sets, and late game when you can make the epic versions. Not to mention the materials are completely the same for all the DLC armour and they are also very easy to get. So I’m thinking, that just swapping the two climate protection types would actually change nothing in terms of balance, after all we would still have a variant that protects from cold and one that protects from heat, except that both the options would make so much more sense.

That idea is bonkers, the good way of bonkers. It’s what would solve the issue entirely, problem is it might be: “Asking too much.”