Turanian and Pictish armors

Im propably not the first to say this buuut…

I think it would be cool to switch stats of Pictish armor that protects against high temperatures with Turanian armor that protects against low temperatures, it would make more sens i think.

I got Turan DLC and i would like to use it on desert comefortably and also i think Pictish armor rly looks like something to wear in cold places.

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Pictish is bird feathers. Don’t think it will be very warm, fly south for the winter!!

it’s displayed as a bear pelt

I’d rather the ability to modify or flip the hot or cold function for armor. There is some armor I just like the look of, and would like to use it hot or cold

Pictish Wizard (light) appears to use feathers, the medium looks like wolf and heavy looks like bear. Not that it’s actually relevant, all of the Pictish armours leave more skin exposed than the Turanian armours do. I think the best solution is for all DLC armour and weapon styles to be skins that are applied to the non DLC armours and weapons but there’s probably some technical reason why it doesn’t happen that way.

We use both hot and cold DLC armor. Seems to be better than the vanilla ones.

It is easier to craft the flawless and exceptional versions since they don’t require specific armourers, or extra feat points to learn the individual recipes but having skins would end the discussion on temp resistance. The other option I’ve seen suggested a few times is to have different linings for temp resistance so that any armour can be hot or cold resistant depending on the lining used.

It doesn’t happen this way because people would be able to hide what thier capabilities are, if you see someone in hyborian slaver, or pictish warchief, you know your in for a fight with a max strength. If you see basic light, medium, heavy, they are probably in a farming build. Skins would just confuse everything

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Thx, that makes a lot of sense.

Skins make you pretty. On modded servers everyone gets skins. ATM I have on heavy armor, but the skin shows flowers and jungle skimpies. But then in PvE no one cares what you look like.

Yeah, but that is exactly the point… To trick an enemy attack u or fool him by making him believe u r an easy victim… Even in rl deception is part of the combat and fight tactics

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