Swap Pictish and Turanian Armor Temperature Resistance Stats

There’s been a few topics both on here and on the subreddit about people being disappointed with the cold resistance stats on the new Turanian armour. Given that the advertising for the turanian dlc shows the wearers and buildings in the desert, and the pictish dlc shows the picts in the highlands it would make a lot more sense if you could actually use those armours in the areas they’re advertised for. Swapping the two sets would make the armours more accurate to the advertising and allows you to maintain the current ratio of heat/cold resist armours.


The vanir armour also has tons of exposed skin but still provides cold resist, for me its more about the “theme” of the armour and sets. I bought the pictish dlc after seeing the moody, rainy trailer in the cimmerian part of the Highlands and then was super disappointed when the housing and armour had me freezing to death in that exact same environment. It seems a lot of people have had the same experience in reverse with the turanian dlc so swapping the two would be a good compromise imo.

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