Correct Turanian Armour Temperature

The Turan dlc armour has cold resistance which doesn’t match with the building type providing heat resistance. This leads to major headaches trying to use both in the same place and doesn’t match the desert themed aesthetic presented in the advertising.

The Pictish armour and buildings should also be cold resistant, all of the advertising for this set has them in use in the cold mounds of the dead region.


I agree with this and have said it before myself about the clothes. They are people who live in a hot climate, the armor sets should protect you against the heat, like real clothing from places like Saudi Arabia and such apparently does.

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No but the theme of the dlc is clearly aimed at hot weather, all of the promotional material is in desert biomes, both the animal skins are for animals only found in the hot savanna biome.

Turan and the countries it takes inspiration from obviously cover a lot of biomes but where we’re forced to simplify a set of clothing to either hot or cold, for the most part those areas are “hot” in the Conan exiles sense.

They’ve stated they will not be changing this.

Personally, I think the whole temperature system should be overhauled…

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Yeah ideally they’d revamp the whole system, it just seems unintentional to have the armour and buildings not match when it’s not the case for any of the other dlcs.

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