Weather protection from armour should make sense

Turanian armour protects against cold? Really? Yet it’s based on a desert people. Talk about killing immersion.

How about this? Armours protect against the weather that is suitable for their look and background.

Pictish looks warm --> it should be warm which provides cold protection.
Turanian armour is for a desert/steppe people --> cool armour that protects against heat.
Zamorian thief armour is cooling silks --> cool armour that protects against heat.

Etc etc.


You can’t really use desert regions as an argument for this.

Deserts are extremely hot during the day yes. What most people tend to forget is that they are often also extremely cold during the nights.

Maybe eventually we’ll get a fix for proper temperatures in the southern desert areas. That being cold nights and hot days, so you need both types of armor to adequately survive.

Realistically, all clothing protects against cold at least to some extent (unless they show as much skin as some armors in Conan Exiles, but those shouldn’t work as armor either). The whole “this armor protects against heat but not cold” mechanic feels gamey. I understand why it’s there in a survival game, and I can live with it.

Making sense would be awesome.

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