Armor temperature protection is a joke, isnt it?

So pictish armor protects you from heat while the picts in the Conan lore of Howard are north of Cimmeria.

On the other side, the lemurian royal armor or the zamorian thief armor protect you from cold ?

Serious ? :smiley:

I know it is a game… but it really looks not good when I run around in the desert like a bear and in the frozen north like Cinderella.

Really guys, this must be changed. The recipe for the lemurian armor is in the jungle… jungle does not need cold protection… so why the hell the armor has cold protection at all ?

Zamorians are mostly pirates. Zamora is a hot region in the Conan lore you can compare to real world Spain or so… Zamorian armor should be again heat protection.

Pictish DLC armor all the way cold protection…


Zamora is nowhere near the coast, it’s located to the west of Turan with the Kezankian mountains being it’s eastern border. Though yes, the zamoran thief armor should have heat resist rather than cold.

You’re probably refering to Zingara, which is inspired by Spain. I’m not sure about the temperature resistance of the zingaran freebooter armor, but if it isn’t heat it should be changed.

Regarding pictish armor… the pictish wilderness stretches from south of Vanaheim to Zingara, so heat resistance wouldn’t be too far fetched in theory.


Right, there were several disputes on what armor should protect against what a long while ago most of which were claimed as bugs and a few pieces changed but it was never settled and DLC gear only adds to it. It also doesnt help that the protection indicator on the armor is wrong on so many pieces. The only way to know for sure is to craft it and equip it. I wont get into specifics because I love the armor that im currently using but if Funcom was ontop of it, it would have been patched a loooong time ago.

I think most of armors are a balance, not there region.
Maybe some of sets are, but later on they realized it was one sided mess with heat resist.

Really, you only got handful early on…most of them are godawful looking… I go to north in Khitan dlc…and 1st sabercat who gets lucky makes me wish I had opted for better def, and not more weight carry. XD

By time i start pushing northern lands, I can’t even make cimmerian let alone Varnur yet…

off topic advice, you dont make cimmerian you farm it. Ites easier to kill the thralls for their boots than it is to make it at low levels.

Here’s a reasonably accurate map of the Hyborian Age world (as in, most countries are where they should be):

The Zingaran Freebooter armor has cold protection, which considering the nation’s location is weird. The Pictish Wilderness has been described as a pretty warm region (there are big snakes and panthers living in the forests). Zamora is deep inland, but the in-game clothes don’t exactly look like winter gear, so cold resistance on those silks feels pretty weird. And as we can see, good old Hyperborea is pretty far north, so one would imagine its inhabitants would dress for the weather.


Thank you very much for the map. Yes, I did a mistake to say picts are in the north. Zamora I would say is what today the Balkan peninsula is.

You’re not far from the truth. According to Howard’s fictional history, the Vilayet Sea (the big inland sea) became the Caspian Sea, and the River Styx running east to west between Shem and Stygia widened to become the Mediterranean. This would put Zamora somewhere around Hungary or Romania. They would probably be more accurate counterparts than the Balkan, climate-wise - the Balkan’s climate is greatly affected by the Mediterranean, whereas Hungary is entirely land-locked and Romania only clips the Black Sea. In other words, it gets below 0°C in the winter, and occasionally over 25°C in the summer, but extreme temperatures in eithe direction are rare.

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If that map is accurate then its the game thats way off. Nothing about Khitai screams I NEED +4(5) cold protection lol.

Khitai is basically the China of the Hyborian Age. Lots of different climates within the region, and Howard never went into any detail regarding Khitai - just that it was there and that some strange mystics came from there. Perhaps the armors we see in the game are more representative of Western Khitai, ie. the colder mountainous regions, than the eastern coasts. It would even make sense, somewhat, since that’d be on the Hyrkanian border, where most of the Khitan troops are probably stationed. At least we know of no lands beyond the sea that would threaten Khitai in Conan’s time.

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Ok I’ll buy that theory.

I had actually been wondering the same thing, why Khitan armor protects against cold, but never paid much attention to it in detail until now that I looked at the map, and it instantly made sense. Definitely more than the Zamorian Thief or Lemurian Royal clothes protecting against cold, anyway.

Gets even better with the new Turan armor having cold protection


I hope that’s an oversight and will get fixed when it releases.

It gets cold in the night in the desert.

…It also gets hot during the day in the desert.

Frankly, I’d be happier if there was a type of armor or clothing that protected against both heat and cold, such as that worn by the Bedouins.


Actually, that is how most clothing/armor should be handled with some notable exceptions, e.g. Darfari armor and Hyperborean Slaver armor. The exact amount of heat and cold protection could vary, of course.

Hey Kendaric. I have noticed that you are fairly well versed in Conan lore. And looking at the map in this thread earlier made me realise that I know almost nothing about Mu which is detached from the main continent. Can you or anyone else tell me if Mu was inhabited or not in the lore, and if so by which peoples?

I stick with my suggestion about tools that add heat or cold resist to armor, just like durablity and armor mods.

this way Its abit open to more player choices.

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Mu is never explained in detail, as it sunk at the same time as Atlantis in the “Great Cataclysm”. It’s briefly mentioned in one or two stories of King Kull and one Solomon Kane story.

Apparently Mu was inhabited by people are related to the Lemurians, as they are assumed to share the same language.

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So Mu sank with the great cataclysm too. Ok interesting, and again very informative. Thanks Kendaric

I wear the flawless Khitan Imperial because it is shiny.
Its sposed to stop cold, yet We froze to death in the frost temple.