Armor temperature protection nonsense

I just got myself a set of Royal Lemurian Armor.

Lemuria is supposed to be a big island in temperate/hot parts of the Conan world and the Lemurian armor is made out of light silk pieces making you half nude.


More technically, it’s found in the Palace of the Witch Queen, in the hottest place of this (not-so-)god-forgotten land and it protects from COLD ! That’s utterly nonsense. Same goes for the Lemurian Warrior Armor and the Zamorean Thief armor (check the Conan world map).

Aaaand… Same goes too for Reptile Armor. Crocodiles are found in desert and jungle, the hottest places of the game and the armor protects from COLD ?!?

Why not make Vanir armor protect from heat ? That would make sense then. I do agree that higher tiers are found in the North but still, it’s nonsense for appearance and materials.

Please check the settings of the armors and make the Lemurian, Zamorean and Reptile armor adapted to HOT conditions instead of COLD. (And please check all other armors so the materials and appearance give a LOGICAL temperature resistance.)

On side of that, Arms and Chest of the Epic Reptile armor paddings and stats are mixed up.


The epic version of the Hyperborean slaver armor (aka the metal bikini) also has cold protection lol

They should make all armors be usable in any condition, but if you use the right armor for said temperature, you get a bonus survival.

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