Heat / cold protection armor sets: increase stats so useable in extreme temperatures

I find it really disappointing how limited we are in the armor that we can use in the extreme temperature zones. Both my clan-mate and I made sets that we thought should protect us in the cold based on both the info the game gave us about the level of protection (ie number of cold bars) it provide as well as the specific appearance of the armor only to find it we got extremely cold immediately. (Edit: yes we had the perk that mitigates temperature effects in our builds.)

Many sets indicate that they should provide sufficient cold protection but when you equip them and go into the icy areas you get very cold then extremely cold within minutes, and eating spicy foods is not enough to keep your warmth up.

I haven’t tried the same in the volcano area but from what I’ve read the silent legion set is THE ONE to wear there, so guess it’s the same situation.

Please increase the heat / cold protection on more armor sets so we have a greater variety of armor to wear in the extreme temperatures. Please increase the protection so people can take advantage of the attribute stats that the various sets provide in the extreme zones.

It must be very frustrating for the role-playing community that they have to abandon their characters preferred look in order to play in the ice or volcano.

You have made all these amazing looking armour sets for us and the majority are completely useless in multiple biomes…


I’ve never had a problem with cold places. I use the vanir medium armour and the only time I start to freeze is in the frost temple or around the bridge.
In the volcano I use the Aquilonian medium armour and munch on ice repeatedly and that seems to work fine. If I start to overheat I equip the glowing stick which seems to have a chilling effect. Silent legion is of course more convenient.

With flawless armor (cold of heat protect) I almost never have problems either in the volcano or frost temple… assuming I’m wearing the right kind. Try eating spiced food or drinking mulled brew or alcohol to deal with the cold and eating ice or drinking water to deal with the heat in the volcano.

Agreed on Flawless armor, it really closes this gap.

The biggest problem for me is being limited to specific armor types/appearances for stat bonuses. For my build I’m based around having 50 End, but getting 6 or 7 of it from armor. So I’m wearing Flawless Heavy for hot climates, which looks super generic. I want to be fashionable AND effective. Give us transmutations or take away set bonuses and make them craftable and appliable to any armor piece.


You know what really sucks with heat/cold resistance?

When they change what an armour protects against when you make it epic!
eg. Hyperborean Slave armour is Heat Resist… then Cold resist when epic.

So yes, would like to see temperature resistance and stat bonuses as addons to armour, rather than the fixed thing they are now. I have no problem with them being a ‘once only’ kind of application like the already existing equipment mods, since that fits in with the general feel of the game.

I guess it’d be like the armour has 3 sockets, 1 for temperature/insulation, 1 for stat bonuses, 1 for modifications… probably a pain to code tho, idk :confused:


Yes that is what I’d like as well (full customisation of the sets) … but unlikely to be coded for at this stage.
Whereas I think asking for Funcom to do a find and replace value x with y coding change to increase protection across the sets is a more achievable goal.

What I hate is that wearing double heat resistant, flawless armor makes you cold in the desert… how’s that for ridiculous.

I agree to this fact.

It seems unreasonable to not have any or little effect of the armor you spend time on making, i should not get frostbite while weaing cimmerian epic exeptional armor up north at all, we as players need to see an actual difference when we use different gear.
I also have the perk to even the temp differences, and allways get frostbite nevertheless.

Its like this all over, and i have talked about this before, we need some incentive to play!

After dinging 60 we need some sort of developement of our heroes, and this is exactly what i am talking about.

If you spend time on getting/crafting stuff, then make sure it works or there are no reward for doing so right?

Also make the dungeons replayable by adding loot that are better then what you have so we can keep working after 60.

I would be happy just as long as the armor/building/weapon pieces actually do what they say, and while at it please add correct values to the item before you craft them.

It really bugs me that you have to open “feats” to see if an armor is cold or hot, then craft it and hope you havent forgot wich one, or wich bench you need to use.

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