Armor for cold climates

New Xbox Series X player with about one month of experience. Base game + Argossian and Aquilonian DLC. Character level 60.

I have done a lot of searching on these fora and the internet in general, but none of the information I’ve found matches what I’m seeing in game, including the official 2.3 post discussing changes in the temperature system.

When I look through the lists of all of the armor I can craft, both baseline and epic, none of it has more than one bar of cold resistance. I finally decided that it must be a display bug in the listings and crafted some Vanir fur medium armor, but as best I can tell, it really doesn’t have any more than it displays on the recipe. When I wear it and try to, for instance, harvest some ice on the south side of the icy lake, I almost immediately start taking damage, exactly like when I tried it in Stygian and Aquilonian Infantry. I did find a few pieces that list more than one bar of heat resistance, though I’ve never had much trouble running around the desert, regardless of what armor I was wearing.

Everything I’ve read on the other hand, makes it seem like furry Vanir armor should keep me comfy in any but the most extreme cold areas.

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The go to armour for all around temperature resistance and a decent amount of protection is Redeemed Legion. Silent Legion is the armor family and the recipe can be found in the Black Keep. You will need a T4 Armorsmith to craft Redeemed but Silent Legion heavy is still fairly decent with the addition of warming alcohols and food.


Welcome, Exile! @Kikigirl is right about Redeemed Legion for all-around use.

If you want some advice, learn how your nude body handles the cold. Take the Obelisk to the top of the frozen bridge and then run south across it to Godsclaw. At the center of the Frozen Bridge is an ideal Frostbite Zone for testing. (Rule of thumb: If you can make it across nude, you have just enough health for PvP.)

Now recover, and try running across the bridge nude, but drink one firewater right after you leave the Obelisk. The effects are short-lived, but surprising.

After you calibrate yourself this way, it’s much easier to think about which and how much armor, and like Kiki says, your beverage choices.


It is a display issue. Normal encrumbrance armour has two cold two heat. Thats what i use to travel not pvp.

I appreciate the suggestions from both of you, but I would still like to know why it seems like all armor has the same cold resistance. Also, I’m still very basic. I’ve done only one dungeon, The Dregs, I haven’t fully explored the map, even the non-frozen and non-volcanic parts, and I’m pretty sure I suck at the game, so I’m sticking with solo play until I feel less terribad.

The biggest problem with resistances in this game, and especially for newcomers, is the temperature bars are not accurate. Each bar you see in game represents a range of actual resistance from 1-4.

This means you can have two complete armor sets that both show one bar of resistance on each piece, and the one set can have 5 true resistance while the other can have 20.

The wiki pulls its data from the devkit, so it lists the true resistance values. You shouldn’t have to rely on the wiki, but… you kind of do.

Another thing of note is that the armorer in your armor bench adds a temperature resistance bonus. Named armorers add the largest bonus, so if you crafted a set before acquiring an armorer and then found one, you should re-craft your set to get the full bonus they can provide. You really should have a named armorer craft your armor set before you head into the frozen north.


Wow! That makes those indicators almost counter-productive. Without them, I would have just assumed that furry Viking armor was good for the cold instead of trusting a meter that shows it being about the same as my original grass skirt.

Thanks, everyone. I’ll just avoid the bitterest of cold until my thralls and I are competent enough to get the good gear, and it’s helpful to know that the bridge is the coldest for calibration.

It is notable that the Silent/Redeemed Legion sets are learned from the Black Keep - which is directly over the bridge.

If you are strong enough to fight legendary bosses, you could try to get Solspeil from a skeleton key chest. While you have this shield equipped, it should give you sufficient cold resistance to cross the bridge in pretty much any armor. If you don’t like to use shields, you can just put it into your inventory once you are over the bridge and do the Black Keep dungeon with your usual gear.

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Also, survival points lessen yhe effect some. But if you run a 4 health, you can survive 99% of all temps hotnor cold.


It’s a graphics unintuitive UI. :wink: - Edit
To see how an armour is temperature rated. put it on and then look at the stats screen.


It’s not a bug, just really unintuitive UI.


Focus on the warming up consumables, not in the armor.
So I will once again repeat my self here…
Any warming up food, naked or armored will help you survive in cold areas, but consuming it you will loose hydration, so fix berry pulp too. Berry pulp is very easy to have, you just put berries in the fluid press. Berry pulp recovers only 10 points of hydration, so make sure you will take 30 of them at least. My trick is one spiced steak one berry pulp :wink:.
Do not panic from extremely cold effect, walk a little bit, no run, walk, and you will find a place that you are very cold, stay there for a minute to heal your self.
Use the torch…
Torch helps for warming up and campfires too, so at nights make sure you will spend your time next to a campfire.
I run almost all the north area naked with a torch.
Torch helps a lot.

Hot areas trick…
Ice and glowing coop torch. Since you did the dregs you know how to fix the glowing coop torch. So consuming ice and holding a glowing coop torch your survival in volcano is certain.

Beginning armors…
Reptilian armor or hyena fur armor are really decent armor sets, you can trust them in cold areas.

You really need to learn how to use alcohol because of the vitality and strength buff.
Alcohol can make alcohol poisoning after consuming 5 in a row, it will make you extremely drunk, you will have a penalty loosing all your stamina until the alcohol poisoning disappeared. Yet if you have Set potions, or snake poison gland to fix purple antidotes, you will remove alcohol poisoning at once and you will have a buff +3 on vitality and strength. So alcohol is good but only if you use it wisely.

There are a lot of late game armor pieces, or shields that will make extreme temperature effects walk in the park, but it is better to learn how to walk naked first, because when we die we respawn naked and run :wink:.

There are a few armors that give complete cold resist. Most are found in the Unnamed City.

2022-02-18 14_37_10-Window
2022-02-18 14_37_33-Window

Yo can basically use these two items and be naked, without losing health. I totally agree that Vanir should give extra cold resists, but it has never been the case.


Sepermaru is a thrall supermarket and every class of named thrall will spawn there if you cycle the location enough.

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If you craft the armor in an improved armorers bench or better, using a tier4 armorer it will get 2 bars instead of 1 but it does not tell you that

At lower levels, you can use mulled brew and a regular fire torch, and the Eye of the Watcher sword.
Solspeil, other legendary/epic stuff.
And probably the dragonscale helm if you are lucks and skilled enough to get one from the Red mommy.

Warming foods are nowhere near as good as the mulled brew, but be cautious, if you consume food after the brew, it will override its better warming effect.

But as you mentioned, at level 60 I think the best armors are: godbreaker, pride of aesir (frost giant if you have the delved recipe) and the reinforced skelos cultist set.

This right here + cold armor(any really) and a food is pretty much how I sneak into north for black ice early on. (and a torch)
Since sword is 100% drop, its fairly easy to get.

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