What is the optimal setup against Cold & Heat?

Do I have these correct?

Vs Cold

  • Temp resistance perk
  • Epic Flawless Vanin Fur (best?), Kambujan Shaman, Khitan Captain (DLC), Turanian Mercenary (DLC). I only use Light or Medium armors and prefer to avoid Vanin Fur if possible. Grit on that set isn’t what I want really…
  • Best cold resistance food/drink? Any suggestions?

Vs Heat

  • Temp resistance perk
  • Epic Flawless Dafari Skin, Aquilonian Infantry (DLC). Vitality on the Aquilonian is okay, but I will probably stick to Dafari Skin.
  • Best heat resistance food/drink? Any suggestions?

Vs cold: Vanir flawless > cimmerian flawless, add in the Legacy of the nordheimers Helm from UC and you have a wery good cold resist armor.
That helm give you a 15 point cold resist alone, so it helps if you want to run some other setup up North.

This helm is an example of what i really like regarding the new loot in Unnamed city, weird stats makes you able to mix and match to get the spec you need, great stuff.

Vs Heat: Silent Legion armor vins hands down.
Get the recipie by killing the black keep`s boss.

Personally prefer the zamorian thief armour which grants agility armour.
Food for cold is the spiced haunch anf ymirs feast. I also like khitan heavy when harvesting cause of encumbrance bonus gives me 50 encumbrance and easy black ice/sm hunt…

For hot weather I find trail jerky, (great timmer on this), meaty mashup (also restores a small portion of thirst) really nice…
Do not forget aloe soup that generally works great, but not in heatstroke/frostbite conditions… for heat I prefer the pictish watchief armour when I fight, and the normal aquilonian medium (non dlc) … I mostly run around in normal light for encumbrance reasons when I harvest or the pictish brave when I hunt animals (as I hit 30 survival there)

I had no idea Silent Legion gives heat resistance, thanks!

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