I tested armors for temperature (and a help needed)

Based on my other recent post, I did go into single player with admin rights and tested the armors for temp resistance. I went up into the coldest part of the mountain with no attribute points. With no armor I had no resistance bars in my stats.

Most of the armors I tested (normal DLC) would give 2 bars of hot and cold resistance while the perfected (high quality versions) would just give 3 bars of hot and cold resistance. The following were some interesting differences though:
Vanilla Heavy Armor (perfected): 5 bars of hot and cold resistance!!
Yamatai Warlord (perfected): 6 bars of hot and 3 bars of cold resistance
Hyrkanian (perfected): 3 bar of hot and 5 bars of cold
Hyperborean (perfected): 5 bars of hot and 3 bars of cold
Silent Legion: 6 bars of hot and 2 bars of cold
Redeemed Silent Legion: 7 bars of hot and 7 bars of cold!!!

So I did not buy the Derketo DLC yet… can someone do a similar test on the Guardian armor (perfected) to see if it gives any additional cold resistance?

Good point. I will say that without the armor on and with the non-perfected versions I definitely had frost bite.

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