I just cannot understand the new temperature stats on PC

So when the new armor changes came out last year, I thought I understood the new temperature mechanics and since I had all legendary armor, I didn’t really have a need to check (I was fine in volcano and frozen north).

Now that I’ve started on a new server I’m paying more attention but now I’m confused… The wiki seems to have misleading info (but I may just being doing a poor job of looking/understanding).

First… The vanilla heavy armor (that gives +endurance). When I look at the crafting menu of the garrison bench it shows that it should have 1 bar of heat and cold resistance (similar to most if not all the other heavy perfected armors). When my clan member made a set of vanilla though it showed as 2 bars while the other armors (such as Guardian and Pict) that we constructed just show the 1 bar?

Second the temperature stats that you see for your character. For testing I decided to stand next to an active bonfire. While naked I was showing 5 bars of heat and cold resistance. When I put on a perfected Guardian or Pict Heavy chest piece, I still showed 5 bars of heat and cold resistance (no change?). When I put on perfected OR non-perfected vanilla heavy armor chest pieces (which as mentioned the perfected version had 2 bars of rating but the cheap only had 1 bar of rating) I showed 6 bars of heat and cold resistance. No change between the “cheap” non-perfected and the crazy expensive perfected version but better than the other perfected heavy armors?? Btw all the perfected armors were made in a garrison bench with T4 thrall.

What am I missing???

Thank you

Any thoughts?

As a reminder, when I did my testing I was comparing naked vs. wearing the following chest pieces
Vanilla basic heavy armor
Vanilla perfected heavy armor
Perfected Guardian
Perfected Heavy Pict

Seemed like no stat difference between naked, the Guardian, and Pict. While the vanilla heavy gave the same extra bar of resistance for both the perfected and basic.

Maybe I’m just misunderstanding the temperature resistance in your stats.

Since the change in the hot/cold mechanics, there is a difference between environmental (weather/climate/fireplaces etc.) and personal components (Armor/items). What you see in “stats” ist the accumulation of both. So, if standing near a fire, in an protected area (shelter 80/100 %) you always will have a high “protection” shown in “stats”. If you want to check the the stats, your armor gives you, you have to find an climatic moderate area to test in. Maybe test it in a privat game with Hosav’s UI installed. He has an integrated temperature display. Look for an area with about 20°C, and test there.

So is there any protection difference between the perfected and non-perfected versions of armor? Apparently standing by the bonfire wasn’t the best way to test but wearing both versions of the vanilla heavy armor gave the same increase in bars to my resistance stat?

I guess I’m really just trying to understand which, if any, of the non-legendary perfected armors give better cold protection? Looking at the armor stats they all appear to just give one bar of hot and cold (other than the vanilla heavy that appears to actually give two bars of each even though the crafting menu showed one).


Please note that I didn’t spend any feat points to unlock the “exotic” epic armors. I just have the base and most of the DLC armors.

I’m tbh not sure about the system now, its nice to wear whatever you want but it feels like I don’t have to deal with heat and cold resist at all atm.

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I’m not finding anyone who seems to fully understand the new armor/temperature dynamics :slight_smile:

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I just did the testing and provided in a new posting (so it doesn’t just get buried in this thread). Hoping someone can test the Guardian armor for me (I did not buy the DLC yet :frowning:

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