I don't understand the temperature system

I’ve got a maproom up between the Frost Temple and the Ice Floe (cave entrance to volcano) - I’ve been up there multiple times in my regular armor (epic Bear Shaman, scoutwright crafted, plus Helmet of the Brute). get a little cold running between the obelisk and the volcano, but nothing to be a problem. That armor combo shows on my stats page as 7 bars of heat and 7 bars of cold.

Just recently made a set of Dragon (heavy) - Shieldwright crafted (Grr Legbiter :slight_smile: ), with an Executioners hood. That set up shows on my stats page as 7 bars of heat resistance and 8 bars of cold resistance. (I made it over the Bridge of the Betrayer with no real problems in this gear). Just went up to the volcano, was fine on the way in - running from the obelisk, round and up to the Ice Floe, even stopping to grab a bit of Black Ice. Got inside and had some problems with the heat, had to keep eating ice (when the Bear Shaman armor I normally get no more than ‘Hot’, despite showing as the same heat resistance). Then, when I got back outside, my temperature dropped dramatically fast, and I barely reached the top of the slope back down before I died of Frostbite (didn’t even get as far as the first mammoth). But the stats page suggests that this armor should have better cold resistance - and anyway, I was out there far longer in the same armor on the way in.

Anyone got any ideas where I went wrong? Am I misreading the temperature system? Does the temperature system make any sense to anyone? (Should I just keep farming bosses till I get hold of Solspeil? :wink:)


I don’t know, since the recent update I no longer have a temperature problem … I no longer look at the player stats but only the armor stats, 2 bars largely sufficient if the vitality attribute has 2 unlocked, now the the coldest place that I know is the overhang of the blizzard and in case of attack embraced by the frost it can hurt

recently, I redid the temple, the champion’s armor was sufficient … I didn’t need any food or accessories …


That was how it was for me up until this new armour (I even had to check the stats page after I died, since I never bothered looking at it earlier :wink: ). Character has over 30 in Vit, and all epic gear, so I just pretty much figured I was fine and didn’t worry about it too much. I just can’t figure out how I died this time, and how I got colder (and hotter) in armour that appears, at least to my eye, to have better temperature protections…

mumm :thinking: you know sometimes the gods … ymir and yog would he not have launched a contest of divine fart? :wink:

This is one of the things i wish they’d revert is tempurates on armors, i like the new increases for armour we can do in diff areas, but i miss having to prep for the cold areas or volcano and all that fun survival stuff………

won’t lie i really hate hate hate this new clothing temperature system, let’s go back to the old way imo

Made the game feel way more alive and real


TBH, I’d like the old system back right now, just because I could understand it :rofl:

I thought the temperature system had got all boring and samey and any good enough armour and stats was good enough anywhere - I thought I missed having to prep different gear for snow and volcano - and then it up and killed me with frostbite :rofl:

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I’m just adding a fourth thing, lol - I still don’t know why I died - how could I get colder on the way out of the volcano than on the way in when I spent longer in the cold? And how did armour that apparently provides better temperature protection wind up providing worse? I’m sure I screwed up somewhere, but I’m still at a loss on how to figure out a temperature system that has such variations with such similar ‘readouts’…

What i would love to see is let us add something like our own fur layering to armour like we can with modification for cold region survival and a delayer modification or maybe silk lining the armour for warm areas, just a random idea that I’ve had for a long time lol


The first thing you need to know is the temperature bars in-game are quite useless.

Each bar represents a range of resistance from 1-4.

This means you could have two sets of armor showing two bars of resistance on each piece, and have one set be worth an actual value of 25 while the other one with the exact same number of bars being worth 40.

If you look up armor on the wiki, it gives the true resistance value, not the useless in-game bar value. However, it is also only the base value, named armorers can add up to 5 bonus resistance per piece.


I’d like that :slight_smile: (As long as the system was clear :wink: ) - especially if it was ‘done properly’, so there is a graphic change to show it - add fur to armour and have it actually show up, strip away unnecessary bits and whatever (actually I’m not sure how you’d make armour more cooling without also impairing it’s function as armour, outside of a sci-fi or ‘magic’ solution - but maybe black ice could fit the bill).

Wow, Ok. Well that explains a bit (and yet as a temperature readout system explains so little, lol). There has got to be a better solution available than that - I guess we’ll have to hope the current situation is still transitional :wink:

Thank you - I guess I’ll have to check it out properly :slight_smile: It’s great to know these numbers are up to date - I wasn’t even aware that the newer armours had been added - clearly I’ve been relying on ‘accumulated knowledge’ too long :slight_smile: And also very good to know how much named armorers add - that’ll help me calculate where I’m at.

That might also be a solution come to think of it - the few mods I’m running shouldn’t be causing problems, but any issue that’s a fair first culprit to at least consider. Guess if I can’t figure it out from the wiki numbers I’ll have to see if I can reproduce it without mods.

Equipment and item stats are usually added/updated very quickly as they are datamined from the devkit. Things that cannot be datamined take longer to update.

For more information about how temperature and resistances work, you can read the Temperature article on the wiki.

For the bonuses added by armorers, see the Benefits table on the Armorer article.


Great information, thank you.


Thank you - that’s really great. The table of armor temperatures will be especially useful - I can actually make armors appropriate for different climates again :slight_smile:

Interestingly, Dragon armor is listed as having no resistances, which doesn’t fit with what the UI is telling me - but I suspect this may be one of those times where the wiki is right and the UI is wrong, since it would make more sense of what happened. I’ll try to run some tests tomorrow and see if I can get clearer information without the legendary armour pieces throwing off the info. I should be able to directly compare the effect of temps at different locations when wearing Dragon vs wearing other clearly defined temp sets and see pretty quickly where it lines up. I’ll let you know if I find anything useful :slight_smile:


I didn’t use wiki in my entire game play, yet I cannot thank enough the players and moderators that worked in this page. Maybe I didn’t directly use it but, too many players did and helped me with these information so far.
So once again a great Bravo and a huge THANK YOU to all of them that fixed that page.

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I’ve done some testing - the UI information remains as useless as expected, but I’m sorry to say it looks like the wiki may be incorrect as well (at least with regards to Voidforged Dragon Armor temperature resistances).

Testing methodology - spawned (not crafted) 1 set of +1 cold/heat resist per piece armor (base light armor), 1 set of +2 cold/heat resist armor (Bear Shaman epic boots, gloves, helmet + coarse tunic and leggings) and 1 set of Voidforged Dragon armor. (Also spawned a +3 set, but wasn’t needed)

Went to Bridge of the Betrayer, south end - allowed temperature to stabilise in each set of armor before moving onto the bridge to a fixed location at the first point where the bridge widens. Waited at that point watching temperature gauge until it fully stopped. Noted the differences. Went to Road of the Pilgrim, found a point of temperature equilibrium (at foot of first stairs bridge off the rock path), repeated the same procedure, moving forward to a specific block of obsidian.

At the stopping point on each test, Dragon Armor went to exactly ‘cold’ or exactly ‘hot’. Light armor (1 cold/hot resist each piece) went to a couple of ticks colder/hotter in each case, while the 2 cold/heat resist armor went to around one tick better insulated in each case. The UI readout for each piece of all three outfits is 1 bar of each (because of course it is…) - on the stats page the light armor shows as 2 bars of each, the 2 cold/heat resist set shows as 3 bars of each, while the Dragon armor shows as 2 bars of heat and 3 of cold. These results suggest to me that Dragon armor provides more than 1 temp resistance per piece, but less than 2 (so probably a total around 8, maybe 9 based on it coming out closer to the 2 resist set in each test).

The only thing I can think of is if Grit or Vit also have an additional effect on temperature resistance (character has the relevant perks already, and none of these sets raised stats enough to gain a new perk - though Bear Shaman will have added 1pt of Vit, while Dragon will have added several points each in vit and grit).

Side note: I think I’ve found out why I died - it’s Barnes’ fault :rofl: It turns out that being entertained adds bars to your temp resistance (outside, with no other buffs, just a t4 entertainer, took the 2 resist set from 3 bars each on the stats page, to four bars each). So when Barnes was following me to the Volcano, I had higher cold resist, but when I came back out and he treacherously abandoned me, I lost the cold resist and died :rofl:


Except the second perk of vitality, that it is obvious what it does on temp regulation, I never really payed attention if more vitality gives more temp resistance. But I do remember in the old vitality perks, that my hp regen was equal to frost bite - heatstroke hp loss. Once I passed naked the betrayed bridge and visited volcano naked without loosing hp.
Again, old vitality functions.
In the new “armor temp system” I almost always use the redeemed silent legion everywhere I go, with executioners hood.



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Hey man you’re paying me to dance, not experience frostbite on my shrinkage!


Sorry, I meant in addition to factors already covered on the wiki - the character’s survival remained the same throughout the tests (as none of the sets of armour tested with adjust it). I should have clarified that.

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Thank you, this will help me a lot. I didn’t bother to see the new perk system working in low levels and not equipped correctly for long time now. I have more than 4 months to start a new character in exile lands and do my crazy run. Yet, I suppose the warming up food with berry pulp and the ice, are still doing the same job as before, or this is changed too?

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