Armor and heat/cold protection

I know this has been addressed many times, and i heard from the developers it was meant to be like this because they wanted to balance the amount of armors resistances, stats and weights.

As i see it, there is a wide variety of armors in the game, both from main game and many others from the DLCs. how possible would it be to change their climate protections?

Is a fact that they make no sense at all, as for their regions and the protection they offer. for example, the dogs of the desert faction uses hyena armor, that is medium armor, and offer survivability, has cold protection and as a player using it causes heatstrokes in the region where it is mainly used or the Reptile armor has cold protection too and it’s used in the volcano.

Turan armor has cold protections, when turan is a desert, pictish armor has heat protection when they are all covered in furs implying they are meant for cold climates. lemurian, from the jungle, cold protection, guardian armor, goes almost naked, cold protection, etc, etc.

what do you guys think? would you like to have a change about it?

And what about the general climate of the map?
In my opinion, is kind of weird, running with full set of +30 heat protection in the highlinds and soothing or hot is the most i get, makes me wonder why the nordheimers wear cold armors. I would make the map more harsh about the climate, it used to be, as i remember from the EA.


I mean, I feel like the game that did temperature best was Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. where armor didn’t change your characters temperature specifically, but changed the amount of temperature you could withstand. That’s personally how I think it should be done.

Im sure they design the set or armor…then roll a die and see what comes up. A lot of armor sets seem backwards.

I mean, it’d be more a flip of a coin, but I get the gist, and agree. They definitely should fix a few. except Zamorian Thief, don’t take my cold resistance from my favorite armor unless they make the accidental change to Assassin armor a purposeful change. granted, that’s just a personal feeling.

Turan was the big surprise being cold weather armor, the thinking behind this one was odd.

The thinking behind temperature resistances isn’t “does this make sense lore-wise”, it’s “do we already have an armor of this type that gives this stat buff and this temperature resistance”. I can understand their logic even though I don’t entirely agree with it.

The whole temperature resistance thing is still kinda awkward. Whereas I can easily understand baking in the desert when wearing furs, or freezing to death in the tundra if going buck naked, or even getting too warm in the winter if wearing too much stuffy clothing, no amount of insulated clothing should make one feel cold in the middle of Sahara during daytime.

Don’t see why there’s not some thing you can add at armorers bench to give cold protection Base armor protection should be heat till you do, not everyone makes mad dash for the north straight away and most armor sets are geared for cold even the one that should be desert regions by there style.

I agree 100% with your assessment, every resistance choice seems backwards. Traditional areas, like the Turanian, are deserts yet the armor in the game had cold resistance…confusing. Looking at some of the Blood and Sand armors the assassin armor has cold resistance, yet the physical look screams heat resistance. The Pictish Wizard Armor has heat resistance, yet by look and region would seem to fit under cold resistance. Just seems like someone reversed the numbers in the code. Being a programmer I see this as an easy fix, though time consuming depending how it was coded in, but do’able and would make the armors (in my opinion) match closer to their physical look. Unfortunately, a massive change would require a patch that will catch quite a few people off guard as everyone wearing Heat, will now be cold and vice-versa for the cold armors becoming heat resistance.

Might have to remove the temp effects for a few weeks before setting the final change to avoid mass panic…lol.

Anyway, good thread and discussion.

Why is it so difficult to understand that the choice for what temp resistance any given armour has IS NOT decided by lore but by the necessity to balance. The goal is to have as many cold resist armour as heat resist armour for light, medium and heavy respectively.
The Blood n Sands armour were heat resist before the ast patch. It seems they becoming cold resist is a bug.

That’s understandable, the point given here is that there are a wide variety of armors now with all the dlc and if maybe it’s possible to change the temp resisstance in order to match the lore of the armor.

I don’t know, but this is to me as if they were selling apples; they look like apples, they smell like aples but tastes like orange, i just find it weird.

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But the lore of the Pictish land is that isn’t a cold area but a warm area. In the story Beyond the Thunder River, the Picts are mostly naked and there’s big snake and panthers roaming the forests. It might be cold during winter though. Making Pictish armours and Frontier building resist against heat fit the more more than if they were made coldd resist.
For Turan, the heart of the Turan Empire where the Turanian Hyrkanian tribe settled is around the southern shore of the Villayet Sea. With the Steppe desert in the western north border, the Hyrkanian Steppe in the eastern north border and a mountain range I forgot the name in the southern border. The area is purely continental climate, very cold half of the year and very hot the other half. To fit the lore Turanian armours and building should be both cold and heat resist. SInce it ins’t possible in the game, having armours cold resist and building heat resists isn’t a bad choice.
On the other hand Khitan armours and building should be heat resist. All the descriptions of Khitai I’ve read show it as an hot land.

Yes I agree.

My base is in the north, and I have to take my armour off when I go into my house. Otherwise my character will die of overheating.

Maybe try mixing a hot and cold set of armor. that’s how I’ve learned to get around the areas you’d normally be sitting at a regular temp with no armor. The hot and cold system is definitely more realistic in this than BotW, which keeps in pace with it’s game style, I just personally feel like the BotW system works better.

Speaking of cold and heat resistance…
Is it just me, or have several armours gone a step down in heat resistance?

I would’ve sworn that Epic Flawless Darfari skin skirt and top, Epic Flawless Hyperborian loin cloth and Epic Flawless light, med and heavy legs and chest all had 2(of 5) heat protection.
Now all of those have only 1.

I haven’t looked around too much, but I don’t remember seeing any with 2 for heat.
I remember some of the dark legion armour had up to 3. We use to wear those in the Volcano.
I hadn’t gotten those yet on this run. Granted I couldn’t be bothered to spawn one to check out.

Perhaps it has to do with some of the mods?
I deactivated all but the building ones and nothing changes. (can’t afford to have my heavily modded buildings collapse by switching some of the mods off)

Anyone can share something on this topic?
Perhaps you have any of those on an official live server?


I don’t remember if it was more before or not, but the I wear Flawless Epic Zamorian Thief and it only has 1 bar of resistance. I’ve just recently assumed that’s how it’s been. Almost all other armors I have/can make seem to have 2 bars of resistance.

Heat or cold Blunadz?

Epic Flawless Vanir and many others that are COLD resistant all have 2 bars a piece.
Again, I didn’t check all, (yet, I should probably just go ahead and do that) but I sort of remember that all cold resistant have 2 and all heat resistant have 1. So sad


My heat resistance have 2 bars, as well as most of my cold resistance ones. but the Epic Zamorian Thief is Cold resistant and only has one bar. I’m not sure what other one’s are at one bar for me, I know the Vanir is, but I thought it always has been only one bar, even though it’s weird.

OK, I just went in and spawned every flawless piece of armour there is.

I am running several mods. A few of those are rather integrated in several larger structures that took me a while to build. I’m not prepared to risk losing those, to run the game without mods to test that way. So if someone is willing to do that, I’d appreciate it.
I don’t have Khitai and Yamati so those are unaccounted for.

Here’s the entire list; all sets are EPIC flawless as none other have 2 bars
Heat 2 bars:
Dark Templar
Aquilonian Infantry
Aquilonian Scout
Black Dragon
Pict Brave
Pict Warchief
Pict Wizzard
Silent Legion (only non DLC)

Cold 2 bars
Turanian sets (light, med, heavy)
Bear Shaman
Vanir sets (light, med, heavy)
Champion’s set (found in game)
Rusted armour (found in game)
Godbreaker armour (found in game)

OK, that said, I did then port to the volcano with 5 pieces of heat protection gear.
Standing right next to lava, I at most get Very Hot.
Equipping the T3 Ymir altar axe, brings it down to hot, and with the constant drinking, I can’t foresee a problem with heat in there. (Which is somewhat realistic if I think about it)

So then, I guess the volcano heat has been decreased
However, folks that bought ‘Jewels of the west’, ‘Derketo’ and Frontier’ have a slight advantage.


I don’t play on official or a modded server and my Yamatai is 2 bar heat. I haven’t checked the Khitai from the dungeon yet, and can confirm your list. I misread the Vanir last time I saw it to make an edit to my last post.


my thoughts exactly. It is immersion breaking to say the least. I wish the armors that you listed is reversed in terms of heat protection.