I Don't Understand Temperature Resistance

How come if I put on armor pieces that are all shown to be 1 point towards resisting the cold, it gives me a level 3 resistance towards heat instead? This happens when I have all the pieces equipped. I am level 39 btw. Official Server #3975 PvE


if you are in a cold environment you will freeze your nuts off…
you counter the cold by wearing warm clothes

the more warm clothes you wear, blue colored icon and the more cold resist they have (the number of blue bars) the warmer you get. its based off reallife.

at 8 bars total you can keep in cold//very cold in the frost giant temple.
and with 8 bars in heat resist you can keep at hot in the volcano

You’re not understanding what I typed. I’m putting on COLD RESISTANT armor (5 pieces) and the result is that I’m getting a LEVEL 3 HEAT RESISTANCE in the stats page. How does that make sense? I’m currently in the desert heading to the north.

can you put a screen up?

I have read that some of the armor is bugged

The bars are only visual and rounded. 1 bar is not always 1 bar. All armor has 1 bar to indicate what effect, even if little it has. Your Stat screen is the true number of bars, as it is all the armor added and then rounded. So 8 bars is what you shoot for. Generally speaking, Exceptional (made with T4 Armor on normal bench) and Flawless and Flawless Exceptional (made on improved Bendj) are your best bets to get the 8 bars needed. You will get very hot/extemely cold with just the Excpetional, so it can suffice for quick runs if necessary early on.

What armor is this happening with?

Temperature is an annoyance and should have minor impact on gameplay, wearing the right clothes for the right climate should give you buffs, and only, this temperature system only gets in the way when you want to use armor, I didnt buy the Turan dlc because of it.

I read that as well on another post its shows cold or heat but you get the opposite of what’s showing. Some sets not all.

I’m wearing Turanian Scout Helmet, Khitan Captain Dinglia, Khitan Mercenary Bracers, Turanian Mercenary Leg-guards and Turanian Scout Boots.

It seems to have changed. Now instead of level three heat resistance, it’s now level two cold resistance. Does it depend where I travel to?

Those are all cold resistance. But if they are just the normal recipe, then they won;t be very good in the Volcano or farther north (Row 10 and above on the map i think.). there are some high altitude areas in the snow as well that need at least exceptional versions of the armor.

You need rank 3 thralls and flawsless epic one. To stand ther. Whitout it u cant. U Will allways get frostbite

And IF not make food and have hot water That help whit normal. Set

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