Temperature Changes, or bug?

So I’m not sure exactly about this.

Running around in Sepermeru and I have 5 Heat Resist. It keeps telling me I’m cold.

Which makes me think this is either intended, in that you are wearing too much heat resistance and it makes you a bit chilly, or else it’s a bug and not supposed to be happening.

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This is how their temperature system works. Gear doesn’t actually “resist” temperature effects, it modifies where you are on the scale. So in a normal environment, high heat “resistance” actually makes you cold. It’s a bit goofy, but is what it is.

Yea, don’t think of it as temp resist. It’s more like wearing a heater or AC unit on your back. The more levels it has don’t equal temp change blocking, rather it adds the opposite temp to counter it.

That’s a good way to put it. Attempting to use logic with how they deal with temperature is a rabbit hole no one should try to go down (hmm, I’m feeling rather warm, I think I’ll put on this heavy armor lined with fur to cool myself down!)

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Man that’s messed up.

For example, if I cross the Bridge of the Betrayer wearing Vanir, I’ll hit Extremely Cold and Frostbite at some points, then Cold or Very Cold on the other side. Spicy food or drink and I’m fine. Wear Flawless Khitan or some other cold lvl 2 and you’re fine.

I just ported to it wearing Flawless Aquilonian (lvl 2 heat) and I was instantly in Frostbite, I ate spicy haunch and drank spiced tea, and my temp didn’t move so much as a sliver and I was frostbitten the whole way.

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