Temperature is still confusing

I still don’t understand temperature. Is it working right? It should be easy and intuitive. If someone understands it could I please get a detailed explanation. Thanks in advance.

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Did you have a specific question about it?
Cold-Very Cold = No problem
Extremely Cold-Frostbite = Health goes down
Hot-Very Hot = No problem
Extremely Hot-Heatstroke = Health goes down

I’ll explain it as I’ve observed it behave in game, but if anyone wants to correct or has more info on the numbers feel free.

If you wear armor that has 1 lvl of resistance, it basically lowers the temp by one. For example, if the temp would normally be Extremely Cold you can wear Vanir armor and you’ll be fine, just Very Cold so no health loss. If it would normally be Extremely Hot you can wear Aquilonian Armor and be fine, just Very Hot and no health loss.

Frostbite/Heatstroke areas require the 2 lvl resistant armor. So the Volcano or Well of Skelos with Flawless Aquilonian Infantry, for example, and you’d be fine. Or Flawless Khitan Captain and you can run around the Black Keep and be toasty warm.

Other ways to control temp are through spicy food or drink which raises your temp depending on the food quality, or ice/iced tea/ale which lowers your temp. Note that this works in cold OR hot areas, so eat spicy haunch in the volcano and you’ll be sad, or drink and iced tea while hunting sabers and you get icicles on your bits.

Water cools you down in general (although this mechanic is supposed to be changing soon). Again, it works in cold or hot. So if you’re in Very Cold and you take a big drink you might hit Extremely Cold, or if you go swimming in an icy river.

There is an Attribute that gives you increased temp resistance as well. This is where it gets kind of stupid, though. For example…if you have the attribute and run around river at the Bridge of the Betrayer naked, you’ll be ok. But if you put on Aquilonian Armor (heat resistance) and run around the same area, you’ll get Frostbite. So being naked is actually better than wearing the wrong armor when it comes to temp. The game doesn’t just treat it as resistance, it acts as if the armor is actually cooling or heating your body.

There are other minor temp factors that occasionally come into play. For example, some northern enemies hit you with Coldsnap, which lowers your temp significantly regardless of your armor.
If you stand in your house in front of the furnaces (or any hot station) it will raise your temperature. If you’re overheating and you stand between some preservation cabinets your temp will go down.


That was way longer than intended…

Well, when someone asks for “detailed”… :+1:t3:


This is what I know. If they put out one more DLC with cold protect armor, I am going to scream. I made the Champions armor today from the new dungeon and guess what? Cold protect…I dont buy into this rotation excuse they give, because when I am trying to balance my armors for each area, I still come up short for heat protect. Now I ask you, if we made a poll, how many people would spend how much time in the frozen north vs the highlands and the desert?


I only roam the north except for a quick tour every now and then to Uc to be lett down by Mommas drops.



@Maedhros’ post is good general info, however if your question is pertinent to the recent changes, then no, temperature isn’t working properly:


@Larathiel thanks have not played since patch good information from everyone.

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Seriously, there is no balance. And the skins make no sense. Like I’m supposed to believe the Vanir Fur armor is warmer than Hyena Armor. Riiiiiight. And the fact that I can be in the highlands, like a 30 second run from the Bridge, and my Khitan Flawless armor can give me heatstroke…

The north is a desolate, depressing place to be. And it has corrupted wolves and sabers.

I figured the champion’s armor was cold protect because of the fur needed to craft it, but the Godbreaker set is cold protect too?

They either need to sort out crafting of armor where the results change based on he type of lining used to make them
add in the ability to ‘transmog’ armors

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I think it’s just personal choice matter :wink:

After all of the revamps I play all over the map to farm the new things, like I think all players now do.

And obviously most of my time was always spent in my main base crafting something, so in River Biome.

But for example before the updates all the rest of my playing time was spent in the North hunting for exotic flesh and pets, meteors and black ice.

When I flew WWII fighter sims it took over 3 years to get temperature correct.

I wear Conan’s royal armor most of the time. Before the patch 5 heat protection.
Now 2-3. Sitting in my base, Im now too hot. Before the patch it was even.

We used to travel to the frost temple weekly. Our cold weather DLC armor and hot food and drink no longer get us inside the temple before we freeze to death.

Thanks for the reply, I thought something seemed wrong.

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