Temperature and clothes

Please help me figure out how armor works with the temperature? I’m a newbie (since April lol) and I have now just got to venturing to dangerous places. (north of the pirate ship)
Now I get that armor pieces with an orange sun protect you against the heat and ones with blue snowflakes protect against the cold. But what I don’t get is if the weight of your armor plays a hand. I would think heavy armor is hotter to move around in, even should it protect against heat. Thing is I have almost no heavy armor right now amd whatever tests I have made with other clothes just amounts to the same…I keep boiling up there. XD

I don’t care about how harsh the game wants to be, it’s the point of playing survival games, yeah? But I would like to understand how it works. I’m confused. How many water filled animal bladders do I need to bring up there XD

Just bring your full waterskin and don’t worry too much about the weight of your armor - as long as you can run fast and long!!! Enough water to be found in the savanna area (that yellow blob area on your map) but believe me, running long and fast is the most important thing there. Agility and vitality up and you’ll be fine (I hope).

BTW, hello, fellow-noob! I started playing in May on PS4 and bought the game for PC last week!! The last place I have to visit is the vulcano-area way up North but I’m too scared yet.

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Armor weight shouldn’t matter, but the grade of armor does. By that I mean, Exceptional armor (T3 armorers) have greater thermal resistances than normal armor, and Flawless (T4 armorer) have even greater thermal resistances.

Of course, T3/4 armorers can only make a select few armors at the higher tier (depending on their race, etc) so you’ll want to consult the wiki to see who makes what*:
(* Note that all T3/4 armorers can craft the exceptional/flawless versions (respectively) of the DLC armors.)

Additionally, be certain to invest enough attribute points to get the 2nd perk in Vitality, as that will make each level of heat/cold one step less severe.

As for water, I personally prefer to take a stack of Purified Water with me. Each use quenches more thirst than from a waterskin, and it stacks to 50 instead of 10.


Thank you very much for the help guys. The purified water really helps a lot. I have stacks of it in my base from looting cannibal and pirate camps, plus I can make them on my stove.
So yeah, appreciation for tips and help. I really will need T3/4 armor guys I guess, even with all heat protection it still is mad out there. DLC armor doesn’t really help. It’s cool for looks, for sure, and fun Conan lore if you’re a fan but normal non DLC armor is much better, at least for physical protection. (still sucks for heat)
And what are those crazy locust things around out there north of Black Hand fake ship.
I think there are miniature versions of those in the parking lot behind my place hahaha

You’ll need to consider this: The armors are not just protecting you from the temperature, they actively(!) give you the opposite temperature.
Thus heat protective armor actively cools you down, you may die in it if going north.
Cold protection armor actively heats you up, I almost died in flawless epic Khitan heavy when going to a desert base.
This means, if the armor does the wrong thing (heating you up in the desert), take off a few pieces :wink:


Another trick is to have a full set of the best cold weather gear on yourself and the best hot weather gear on your follower. Then as you travel the world, swap pieces with them as-needed to maintain a healthy temperature.


That is a very neat advice :+1::smiley:

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At the same tier DLC’s armours give the exact same protection as non-DLC’s armours. Check the CEwiki there’s the protection and temp resistance for each armour.

Add some aloe and berries to get berry juice which does all the same as purified water, plus adds a little heal

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Correction: one is heat resist 4 (non DLC) and one is heat resist 6 (DLC)

Armor values are the same for these 2 items, but this also is NOT the case for say Vanir Heavy and Turanian Heavy. They are quite unequal.

Some non-DLC’s armours have less protection and less temp resistance in the epic flawless tier than DLC’s armour. I noticed it for the Cimmerian heavy armour too. But for the other tiers it looks like there’s no difference with the protection and temp resistance given. That was my point.
Another point that makes the DLC’s armours very interesting is any T4 armourer can craft their flawless epic version. For a solo / co-op player like myself it’s invaluable since named T4 thrall are difficult to obtain. And a specific named one is a pain in the a$$ to farm if you refuse to make it pop with the admin panel.

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agreed, much easier to pay for the DLC and buy that armorer basically

The news today about how they will continue with this jacked up temperature system hurt bad. It’s such a simple fix but for some reason they can’t figure it out and will continue to pile more and more armors into the game to fit every possible situation. :anguished:

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Hahaha nice, will be doing that. Berry juice too. Thanks guys. :slight_smile:


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