Temperature and clothes (follow up)

First, a quick introduction since this is my first post here. I have been playing Conan Exiles for a while now, and am getting more and more addicted to it. Single Player only so far.

Today I noticed something that to me is counter intuitive with respect to temperature and clothes, and did find a similar topic on this forum (Topic is called “Temperature and clothes”; I can’t include links in my posts). Since that topic is locked I have a follow up question here.

In that topic Starwalker said that armor gives you the opposite temperature from what they protect against. I read that as: armor with heat protection doesn’t actually protect against heat, it inserts cold.

I noticed that when wearing a mish-mash of armor in Sepermeru, which is (what I call) a temperature moderate area. I had three flawless epic pieces of armor and two flawless standard pieces of armor, all with heat protection. According to the wiki that adds up to 24 heat protection. The result was that I was cold.

Since most armor offers either heat or cold protection, how are you supposed to stay comfortable wearing flawless epic armor in a moderate climate such as Sepermeru? By combining heat and cold armor pieces?

Edit: I forgot to add that I do have the second perk on vitality, “Imprevious” that reduces temperature effects.

Got it in one. Some recent bug and balance fixes have made it so that armor is better at temperature adjustment, but that means a little more active management of gear.

The Vitality perk reduces the debuff of being either the first Hot or Cold band, but you still won’t gain the Soothing buff.

Mix and match the pieces depending on the resistance needed. 3 heat 2 cold should do for the hotter areas.

Thank you, I will try that.

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