The temperature/armor system is ..weird?

I get the idea… I don’t mind stuff that makes you plan what you bring… But it just seems off…

Hot and cold doesn’t really matter. Only does a little if you are hot at the volcano and didn’t bring enough water/ice. It’s fine, I don’t want hot and cold to have a huge effect, the point is, temperature only really matters when you are taking damage.

The problem is more that many of the best armors have so high temperature resist, limiting a lot where you can go with them. If there was an equal distribution of cool armors, I guess it would be fine, but as far as I can count, of the armors that you have to find recipes for, only 2 (Relic hunter and Silent Legion) are heat armors, while there’s now 9 cold armors (because you somehow chose to add 5 new cold armors, even though it was already uneven).

Biggest problem with this is you don’t even need cold armor for 80% of the map. you can farm a little Black Ice and get lucky with Star-metal in areas where you only get cold in heat armor. (you get extremely cold when farming Black ice, but you can run up to the Ymir trainer, get very cold next to the fire, run up on the mountain and farm a bit, run back down to the fire and heal up), So you only actually need Cold armor for Farming in Temple of Frost and big Star-Metal runs… So what’s the point of all those cold armors?

Even more odd, is most of those cold armors are from hot areas (even cold armors from factions that live in hot areas.

I don’t get it.


Is there a high end armor which has no cold/warm buff?

When I go to new Asgarath or Mounds of the dead, I need a mixture of flawless cold and warm armor…

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I myself don’t understand why some of the Turanian armor protects you against the cold. In Conan lore Turan is mostly desert and hot areas. You’d think the people there would wear stuff that keeps you cool.
What kind of messes me up with all this is that the only armor I can find with strength bonuses are ones that protect you against the cold. I’m currently exploring desert and savanna areas right now so I’m forced to use armor pieces with bonuses that don’t fit my play style. (mindless brute lol)

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No there isn’t (afaik) and you don’t need to do that… I often go to Mounds or NA in Flawless Light armor and you only get cold. (maybe sometimes very cold, but it doesn’t matter anyway)

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Defari (light) and Hyperborean Slaver (heavy) is Str and heat (also Silent Legion chest, Helm of the Brute, God Eye and War-Dancer chest)

I don’t have any of those yet, except the Darfar loght set but that doesn’t offer enough protection. (perhaps the epic set does?)

Yeah, didn’t sound like you had them, it was just to give you a list as help :slight_smile:

I personally never made any other than the normal Defari because I don’t have the armorer to make flawless and I don’t care to use the armor until I find one.

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In real life when it’s cold you can always layer up to keep warm, when it’s hot your options are rather limited on what you can do to keep cool. Is this not the way of things?

Sounds to me you are not even ready to go to the volcano. Go north and get some starmetal, make the best weapon that suits your play style (obviously your thrall will need one also). Spec into epic armor and get some decent armor like the Slavers that someone mentioned, Silent Legion is easy enough to get.

Yes, that is obviously realistic. The problem isn’t realism, I’m fine with that. The problem is the hugely uneven distribution of hot/cold areas and the armors needed for them (hot is needed or fine for 80% of the map, while 80% of the special armors are cold).

I didn’t say Silent Legion is hard to get… No armor is really hard to get (the new ones requiring Armor scraps takes time though). Silent Legion is still only one armor though and there’s still a bunch of cold armors.

I go to the Volcano in a normal Flawless Light armor (sometimes Flawless Epic medium) with the heat shield (Mistmourn?) and I’m fine there (and when I go back down through the snow area, I just equip the Dragonscale helm and Solspeil). I mainly use the new Yog axe at the moment. I’m fine in the Volcano… My Bandit Leader has Silent Legion and good weapons. The 3 T4 Volcano fighters I just brought home today (and the ones that are now in the wheel) will also get good gear.

The ability to go there is not the problem. The uneven distribution of options is.

There is a lot of armor, you are wrong about the 80%

I counted 14 Heat and 19 Cold

I’m talking about armors you need to find the recipe for (and I wrote this in the first post). The armors you buy with feat points is pretty evenly distributed between hot and cold as far as I remember.


It’s fine that you think it’s fine there’s 2 heat and 9 cold armors you need to find. It’s fine that you think it was fine to add 5 new cold armors when there was already 2 vs. 4. I don’t expect everybody to agree and it’s okay.

But no matter how you feel about it, it’s an uneven distribution with the armors you only need for 20% (obviously you can use the cold armors in all of the highlands also) of the map heavily outnumbering the heat armors. That has nothing to do with opinion. The numbers are facts.

Also, if you use the Flawless cold armor in the highlands you’ll be extremely hot half the time. Specifically when I’m running around with my Khitan Captains gear.

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Lol, you mean it protects you against the cold too much? Doesn’t that make it near impossible to wear in neutral areas?

Yes. If I wear it in my house in the north highlands, unless I’m standing between preservation boxes I’ll overheat.

As best I can tell, Cold armor doesn’t negate the cold, instead it adds heat levels to counter it. So if you are in an area where normally you’d be Cold, it will make you Very Hot. A neutral area makes you Extremely Hot.

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Yeah I guess in pvp it can be a good thing if attackers have to wear cold armor to get to you and then overheat when you get inside, but I still kinda wish they would just make shelter negate any temperature effect (also because my room is partly above the kitchen area of our base and when people cook food, I can’t stand in certain spots of my room lol)

Huh…it adds heat levels…very good information to know, thanks. :slight_smile:

You can actually use it to go to cold areas in heat armor… Just bring a campfire and place it and light it up to get normal temperature so you can heal up (and this obviously further negates the usefulness of all those cold armors)… Supposedly you can also light up a bunch of them at the top of a wall to make people overheat so they can’t climb up, but I haven’t tried it out

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