Armor type and temperature questions

I’m a bit confused with armor in Conan Exiles. Could you help me to make it clear, please:

  1. Temperature. Here, it says that, for example, Guardian armor has Cold resistance. But in the game if I wear Guardian armor I got both cold and heat resistances (Both cold and heat bars in stats are half-filled). Then I wanted to experiment with it and wear few another armors, and ALL of them give both cold and heat resistance, and all of them give the same amount of resistance according to stats window. How does it work? I can’t understand.

  2. Armor type. There are 3 types of armor in the game: light, medium and heavy. The heavier the armor the more stamina is consumed per dodge, and longer the dodge, right? The current type of armor which is wearing my character is indicating in stats menu. So if I wear full set of light armor it indicates that my armor is light, and it is enough to wear just 1 piece of heavy armor to make it indicate that my armor is heavy, no matter if other 4 pieces is light. What is the point of that indicating? Can I combine light and heavy to get medium or I need to wear a whole set of the same armor type pieces? How does it works?

The temperature system was very recently changed. It used to be the case that certain armors would only give either heat or cold resistance, and wearing the wrong type could get you into real trouble. (ie. wearing heat resistant armor would make you colder if you’re running around in the snow.) Now however, they all give both with some being better in one temperature than the other.

I’m not sure the wiki has been updated to accurately reflect that change yet though.

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Yup, like Glurin said on the temperatures.

2 - Armor type - heavier armor uses more stamina for dodging (and slower dodge) you have that correct. As far as I am aware that indicator is what category the game considers you to be wearing - so, in your example, all light armor is light, all light with one piece of heavy counts as heavy for the purposes of things like dodging or climbing. So even though the total armor value (the number) provided may be somewhere around the medium range, it just categorizes you by the heaviest piece you are wearing. I could be wrong about this, but that’s my understanding of it. (I figure it’s based on what seems to be the logic of climbing - climbing in heavy armor is hard, not because of weight (since you can take it off and carry it to climb more easily while carrying the same weight), but because of movement restriction - my guess is they’re applying the logic that if you are wearing one piece of heavy armor it still hampers and gets in your way, even if the rest is all light.)

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