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I could use a better understanding of various armor types. Is there any reason not to just wear heavy armor all the time in battle? Is there any particular bonus from earing matching armor, or do all the bonuses from individual pieces just accumulate? Also, are there any armor elements with greater than +1 cold resistance that do not require a particular named thrall?

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its all preference. making sure you have a all hot and all cold set is the only important thing. FYI no one runs around in heavy armor it just slows you down in every way.

While wearing light armor, your dodge is a roll with significant distance. It also impacts your ability to climb the least.

Heavy armor completely removes your ability to roll, and you can perform only a short hop. It also severely impacts climbing unless you take it off. Wearing even a single piece of heavy armor will set your armor classification as Heavy (even if everything else is light), thereby removing the dodge.

Medium is naturally in between. You retain the roll, but it’s distance isn’t quite as good as light armor’s and climbing impact is moderate as well. You can wear 1 or 2 pieces of medium armor with light armor and still be considered to be wearing Light armor with respect to dodging, etc…

As a PvE player, I always use Medium armor on myself, and Heavy only on my thralls.

NOTE: Exceptional armor requires a T3 armorer to make/repair. It has a higher AC than standard armor, and its hot/cold protection is higher too. Flawless armor requires a T4 armorer to make/repair and improves on AC and environmental protection even further. Additionally, the Epic (level 60) versions of each armor all have higher AC then the standard version, with the exceptional and flawless versions having improved temperature protection over the base epic version. Just be aware that while the base Epic armor will have a higher AC than the flawless standard armor, its temperature protection is closer to that of the base standard version and worse than the flawless standard version’s temperature protection.

BTW, it’s important to note that the heat and cold resistance in this game doesn’t merely protect against that temperature extreme, it actually generates the opposite temperature. This means you can overheat in the desert wearing cold protection armor and freeze to death wearing heat protection.

To get around this, I like to ensure I have a full set of the best of one type on myself, and a set of the opposite on my follower. Then, as I move around the world, I’ll swap pieces with my thrall to maintain a neutral temperature. (Thralls don’t take temperature damage, so they can wear flawless cold protect armor in the heart of the volcano and be fine.)

EDIT: Oh Forgot to mention, when wielding daggers, you can perform a backflip to get out of combat distance by using the block/kick button. This maneuver works even when wearing heavy armor and can help to mitigate the lack of a dodge.

Lastly, Agility provides a +2 bonus to AC for every point invested. Get a high enough agility, and you can even restore the roll to heavy armor.


Ah excellent, I think that covers all of my questions. Thank you!

I’m now imagining a version of the Arnold Conan film where mid-way through the movie he stops and swaps clothes with a guy wearing the exact opposite stuff.

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Oops, you replied before I finished adding info, but glad to be of help. :slight_smile:

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