Understanding Flawless Armor

Help me understand this? Here is deal; I have crafted low grade flawless of these; medium Turanian helmet, heavy gloves, heavy black dragon chest piece, skirt and sandals. I had the normal version of all those, replaced with flawless. Although my armor jumped from like 75 points, the damage I take seems to be the same as the normal set. In the savanah place I have a hard time against elephants and tigers.

However; it seems to really protect me against the heat. Im not complaining but I don’t get it because each piece of both sets give plus one against heat, save the Turanian hat which is against cold. Now with the normal set I had to chug water every minute because I was boiling in the savanna. With the low grade flawless set I never saw the getting hot indicator once. I was getting thirsty, but never “hot”. It is weird because both sets show the exact same weather protection, but flawless is obviously more useful. But not for taking hits. Info?

From my understanding of how it works, at least before the patch, temp resistance will only be improved by making epic armor. I think it doubles the resistance.
The reason to make flawless armor is the armor bonus but more importantly it gives you +9 to your attributes instead of +5.
Eg. Med Turan = +5 strength. Flawless med Turan = +9 strength.

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Whaaa…? I only ever got +1 from normal armor and +2 for the flawless. (it does say low grade flawless, assuming there are other tiers of flawless)

And if only epic armor (you get when lv60 yeah?) helps with temperature, how come my flawless set seems to protect me from it so much more than the normal set?

All armors (Epic or otherwise) have a bonus to either Heat or Cold resistance. I believe the Flawless armor is the same as the regular armor with regards to temp but it has better stats otherwise. I’m guessing the Epic is more resistance-y though, may near immunity or something…

According to weather protection indication, both normal/flawless be the same. Which is why I don’t get why tonight, while playing with my flawless set I wasn’t getting hot ever, unlike the normal set. (was in the savanna with elephants and desert dog guys)

Not that I mind lol, but it is frustrating not understanding.

Yeah, I don’t think the new system is 100% at the moment. I get the healing bonus when I know I’m either too cold or hot. It’s not armor related though, at least I don’t think… Just another bug probably.

I was getting the soothing heart icon last night all the time myself, but never saw it once today. :confused:

May have been due to food or drink you had before. They can effect your temp too.

I believe the exceptional and flawless versions do have better temperature protection above the normal version, it is just not enough to show up as a second bar for a single piece of armor.

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What I will say was surely true last big change in armor balance, not sure if it is now.

There are armors with fixed values in protecting you from cold/heat but in general in the passage from normal-exceptional-flawless-epic-epic exceptional- epic flawless they increase their protection total value.

Honestly I was always unable to understand how the single piece of armor granted protection works in combination of other pieces, because they seems to show alway 1 or 2 but the total protection you can see in your stats (while not sheltered) is NOT the sum of them.

Anyway one thing that was true since the very first release of the first DLC is DLC armors are the only one in the game having a linear progression.

What this means ?

For example a normal Vanir normal armor had cold protection 2 but its epic flawless version had protection 5.

But a Khitan normal armor has protection 1, exceptional khitan protects 2 etc. until epic flawless wich has protection 6.

In fact a silent legion armor, long time ago the only one used to survive volcano with its heat protection 5, it’s no longer the best in doing this task because each DLC heat protection armors in their epic flawless version have 6 of heat protection.

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