Assassins armor cold Level 10 Heat Level 60

I have a question and that is why is the Assassins armor cold on the level 10 armor and heat on the level 60 armor? It doesn’t make much sence if you ask me, and I’m going accuracy and saw on the game pedia that it was a cold accuracy armor (Head, Chest and Gloves) that was ligth and not heavy like the Hyrkanian rider, Lemurian warrior only give 1 cold resistance even on the flawless armor.

Typical Funcom inconsistency.

There are only a few armors which don’t follow the rules, they have been reported but I can’t imagine them being a priority:

EDIT: You don’t have light option but if you want a medium one, you can go with Stygian Raider. You will need: Zoara of the Marshes

Stygian Rideer is heat

It is not on lvl 60 :slight_smile: It is another inconsistency reported in my thread. Spawn it in on single player and check it out yourself.

Then I have the OG stygian Raider armor since mine is heat Epic

Do you maybe have flawless or exceptional stygian raider? Only the normal version is cold, hence the inconsistency report:


+5 acc / 5 bars cold resistance with normal epic set (it is basically 1 cold bar better than flawless lemurian warrior):

I just made some flawless stygian raider bracers and they are still heat resistance Narelle, I even spawned them in and they were heat resistance, but the non flawless/ Exceptional one was cold resistance

good, we are finally on the same page. this is what i have been telling you since the very beginning. the stygian raider epic set (not flawless, not exceptional) has cold resistance. :smiley:

I have built my character around the +9 accuracy on the stygian raider tho

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