What are the options for cold and heat resistance armors? All armors gives 1 heat and 1 cold

As november 2020, I only see old posts about cimmeran or vanir armor for cold resistance, but when I check, almost every armor pieces give 1 heat and 1 cold resist. For example, the Cimmeran Steel Pauldron gives 1 heat and 1 cold (the wiki says 1 heat and 2 cold).

I am probably missing something here since I’m kinda new. For info, I have the feats unlocked for both armor sets mentionned aboved and I have Zavek currently at the Improved Armorer Bench.

Thank you in advance.

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That would make sense. Confusing to be honest at first without any guide on how it works clearly. Thank you!


also to be noted , they revamped how the armors work with temperature , before the update that did this a vanir armor would only have cold resist ( so 1 blue bar for normal pieces and 2 blue bars for epic ) but now armors grant both heat and cold protection , with some being better at one or the other , so this can be a bit confusing if you read old post ( or may seen some outdated info ) also the last update removed flawless and exceptional versions of gear/armors , so you don’t need anymore a specific armorer to craft the best version , just a T4 ( depending on his specialisation icon ) and the feat .


I was going to write a similar thread to the OP. Most of the armors have a value of 1 heat and 1 cold.

Saying they are like health bars doesnt answer the OP question of how do we tell what armors work in cold when most of them are showing the same resistance.

So what actual armor do people recommend for cold resistance?

get a gunsmith name
and I can make you an armor with 2

So does anyone know what armour works for cold without wasting materials on the wrong armour?
It doesn’t tell you until you have made it, that’s no good I need to know before I use all the hard leather and elephant skin I spent ages getting.

Is there a guide?

Its seems strange to not say which one is what.

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They all work for heat or cold. How well they protect is dependent on if they are standard or epic, and what tier, as in, are they crafted without an armorer, or tier 1 to tier 4 armorer. The better the armorer, the better the armor durability, armor value, and heat/cold protection, with other options at tier 4 depending on the armorer type.

When you are wearing a full set of armor, you can look at the cumulative effect of the protection by going to your ‘stats’. This will show how well you are protected.

right, but we’re wanting to know “before” we waste hard earned resources… if the “meter” is filled for heat and cold based on what we “see” before creation we should logically have 5 cold and heat resist in stats (because each piece shows 1bar cold/heat)… not 3 heat 4 cold (or other random value). There needs to be a better depiction of their heat/cold resist values rather than a “bar”. If the values of the resist arent as big as a full bar, then it shouldnt show a full bar, kinda misleading. If i look at a heavy armor piece for its armor value, do i not see 180 armor or 280 or another number? then its resist should be that apparent. Not look at the material and if its fur its cold resist otherwise there shouldnt be armor values, as an example

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I’m using redeemed legion armour everywhere and have no temperature issues at all. Volcano and snow both fine.


I don’t disagree with you at all. Funcom does not provide a ton of data… and this has been apparently intentional throughout the history of this game (been playing since 2017).

My answer still stands though - they all work for hot/cold resist, not one particular set. The degree with how well they work is contingent upon what armorer you are using.

Hi all from the Future. I am writing today in 2021 to update this as it is hard to find info. With the 2.4.4 Patch (26 May 21)

For Cold I am wearing a Full Epic Vanir Heavy Set as it is 5 Cold Resist and 5 bars on the Heat.

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I use KAMBUJAN MEDIUM when I go into the deep cold. Two bars on the cold meter plus strength bonus. You can even mix some pieces as long as you wear two pieces with one tick hot pieces, you won’t have issues with frostbite.

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Fyi dragonscale helm has full bars for heat and cold (I think official numbers are +20 in each). Great to have if you’re venturing int Fire and Ice :wink:

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I froze several times on a frozen bridge, looking for durable armor. It seems to me that all armor has the same frost resistance. Manufacturers play a big role in the quality of armor. The armor that has arm 280 made by the named manufacturer suddenly has arm 306 and I cross the frozen bridge just fine. And when fighting frozen giants, the most important thing is that they don’t hit you.

Hey there, Wak has a great video that explores the new temperature mechanic on you tube, he offers a very good explanation of how it works.

Wear Hyena-Fur Epic. It is the best cheap extreme temp armor in the game.

Hi guys! After read a lot of, i ll say the best “simple” armors for the all temps is the “standart epic” armors sets, Light, Medium and Heavy, both have 4 Heat/Cold resists and you ll can stay safe anywhere. Lower that armors resists you ll need stay in “safer” areas or combine food/drink (like the mead/desert wine) for dont have a fast and paintfull death by extreme temperatures.