What are the options for cold and heat resistance armors? All armors gives 1 heat and 1 cold

As november 2020, I only see old posts about cimmeran or vanir armor for cold resistance, but when I check, almost every armor pieces give 1 heat and 1 cold resist. For example, the Cimmeran Steel Pauldron gives 1 heat and 1 cold (the wiki says 1 heat and 2 cold).

I am probably missing something here since I’m kinda new. For info, I have the feats unlocked for both armor sets mentionned aboved and I have Zavek currently at the Improved Armorer Bench.

Thank you in advance.

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bars are not numeric value, it’s not one, they’re bars like healthbar they’re filled some value
you’ll notice difference when you wear full set of armor one bar will usually fill more then the other

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That would make sense. Confusing to be honest at first without any guide on how it works clearly. Thank you!

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also to be noted , they revamped how the armors work with temperature , before the update that did this a vanir armor would only have cold resist ( so 1 blue bar for normal pieces and 2 blue bars for epic ) but now armors grant both heat and cold protection , with some being better at one or the other , so this can be a bit confusing if you read old post ( or may seen some outdated info ) also the last update removed flawless and exceptional versions of gear/armors , so you don’t need anymore a specific armorer to craft the best version , just a T4 ( depending on his specialisation icon ) and the feat .

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I was going to write a similar thread to the OP. Most of the armors have a value of 1 heat and 1 cold.

Saying they are like health bars doesnt answer the OP question of how do we tell what armors work in cold when most of them are showing the same resistance.

So what actual armor do people recommend for cold resistance?

it does, fact that you see vertical bars does not matter much, it’s overall horizontal thickness (or length) you’re interested in and not icon on armor description, look at heat/cold resistance bars in your character stats page as you wear it
as for specific primary resistance it’s pretty similar to as it were prior overhaul, with few exceptions

get a gunsmith name
and I can make you an armor with 2