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I just started playing, hit level 60, and I have a question about the display for armor temp resistance. I have a full set of the standard Vanir Fur set (not the set that uses the perfected medium padding to make). I have no points in survival. According to the main inventory page each piece of armor gives 1 heat and 1 cold resist. While wearing the full set of armor and I look at the stats page I have more heat resistance, and only 2 cold. So that is weird. But on top of all of that, when I went into the colder areas and got to -21c (the very cold effect) I was not taking damage. What the heck is going on, and how can I see what my resists actually are? I also cannot find what resist amount is actually needed for what temp ranges. Any help would be really appreciated.

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Temperature bars are bugged.
You can craft the same armor with an armorer 3 thrall, the armor and tempearature resistance will be better.
And even better with an armorer 4 thrall !

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OK. I will give you some hints how to walk in extreme weather areas with simple armors. The only armor that can protect you from extreme weather conditions is the warmakers, for all the others you need extra things with you. So let’s start.
Frozen areas.
Carry with you. Aloe soup, or any other food that restores humidity too, in frozen areas you cannot drink water because it’s cooling you down. To warm up you can fix spiced tea. If you don’t know the recipe you can fix any spiced food but you must carry berry pulp too, that’s because every time you consume spiced food you loose humidity, so if you consume berry pulp with it your humidity will be restored without the cooling effect. To fix berry pulp is very easy, you just put berries in the fluid press and you take them. Alcohol can help for warming up but you loose humidity and at the end you might get alcohol poisoning, so no alcohol :wink:. Another good option to restore humidity is herbal tea, in consoles the combinations of any consumables with herbal tea regenerates really fast. It is on your hand what to use :wink:.
The best cooler is ice. Carry with you ice, consume it and you can walk everywhere in volcano with a simple armor. The cooling effect of ice is the strongest.
Legendary armor pieces, and shields. Since you reach lvl 60, you can farm skeleton keys and obtain shields that provide you heat or frost protection and they are really handy. Sometimes when I want to visit my map rooms I wear neutral armor and I use the shields to visit really fast my map rooms. Unnamed city bosses drop legendary armor pieces that gives you great temp protection. I believe that with the helmet that red mama drops you can go naked all over the frozen areas :joy::joy::joy:, still it is very rare and difficult to obtain, not because the boss is difficult, not at all, the drop is really rare.
Frozen areas, spiced food and berry pulp is the cheapest, easiest, you name it, way to visit frozen areas without great problems.
Volcano, ice.
Happy new year m8, welcome to the game and the forum :+1:.

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Returning player since before 2.1 patch,
it seems like medium armor user got screwed in regards to hot/cold protection armor :frowning:
The Hot/Cold flawless medium sets I used to wear up north and in the volcano now only gives one hot/cold protection,
Chilled Godbreaker armor with 3 insulation on each part is great. but why not have options for medium armor users?
(Or just do away with bonus insulation and just have insulation armor packs instead)

What it is that the temp has a number but it’s displayed as bars but also rounds to the it looks good but not quite
Basically flawless is not forced wear to survive in temp
But it will help with other items

You mean the plain flawless, or the epic flawless? On ps4 the plain flawless is always 1, only the epic flawless is 2 in every aspect, light, medium, heavy :wink:. If you are pc however, I cannot say.

running PC,
I think they removed flawless/epic prefix with the patch and now it’s just one item to craft in the benches
(except in the improved armor bench which seems to have two of some items with the same name, just with different stats and material usage?

This change feels half-done and I hope they fix it.
Currently from what I can tell, the only way to get more then 1 ‘bar’ of heat/cold protection on gear seems to be from heavy armor
it also seems to be no difference in heat or cold protection values (all amor seems to have the same, even the chilled godbreaker armor 3 heat and 3 cold ‘bars’ protection, so at this point they could probably just call it insulation and do away with the entire mechanic :frowning:
(writing from memory so could be mistaken)

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no, Pictish warchief and one other heavy that requires elephant hide, it gives acc, they’re both good for cold res. apperently the jeweled sets are good for heat res, youtube vids arent all out of date.

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