Armor & Temperature Resistance

How does temperature resistance work on individual armor pieces? I’ve looked through several threads here and searched the Wiki for answers with no luck.

We crafted the Flawless Kambujan Shaman (Epic) armor hoping for the +4 cold resistance per piece that was indicated on the Wiki, but in-game only +1 resistance is indicated. It does show a total of +5 cold resistance in the Stats when all pieces are equipped.

The confusion comes in when the base Vanir Fur set also indicates +1 cold resistance per piece, yet adds up to only +3 resistance in the Stats.

Is this a bug/error with the way resistance is displayed on armor pieces? Perhaps a conflict with a server mod? None of the Flawless Epic armor we have crafted has indicated higher than +1 for any temperature resistance.

Any help is appreciated! ^-^

The cold resistance rating on the wiki is not 1:1 with ingame * (tics). I am not positive the relationship between these other than it is a positive relationship. I think 1-4 = 1* , 5+ = 2*

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Okay, thank you for that clarification! ^-^

The temperature resistances are bloody confusing in the game. Sometimes I’d really, really hope for numbers instead of colorful bars, dots and meters. Numbers are unambiguous.

Please, game designers, give us numbers. Numbers help us understand the mechanics of the game better. We love numbers!


I’d rather my loin cloth not emit chilly wind but give me some kind of environmental resistance whether I’m in the desert or a tundra. I’m POSITIVE if I was walking on a glacier I’d rather have a loin cloth than nothing at all.

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