Possible Armor Cold Resistance Bug

Game mode: [Online | Private Server]
Problem: [Bug]

Wearing regular (none flawless) Hyena Armor CHEST, Vanir Medium LEGS, Vanir medium BOOTS, Vanir medium GLOVES and Vanir medium HEAD gives me cold resistance III, but if I equip Vanit CHEST, it goes back to II. Tested that in action and it is not indeed tooltip bug, you actually have Extremely Cold in places where normally you get Frostbite.

Yesterday I crafted my first Epic armor, Cimmerian Heavy armor. Full set gave me II cold resistance. So I equipped Vanir medium epic LEGS, Vanir medium epic GLOVES and Vanir light HEAD. My cold resistance jumped to III.

It is bit odd that mix matching armor pieces give you better cold resistance.

Mind you I have character wtih Vitality 3rd perk and 30 points in survival if thats useful.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Equip armor combo I wrote above. (each piece must be 1 cold resistance)
  2. Check stats and see III cold resistance. It does help you survive better, tested.
  3. Equip full armor set of Vanir for example.
  4. Check stats and see II cold resistance.