Armors resistance

I am having an issue with my armors resistance I am wearing the vanir heavy which says it gives cold resistance but it is not giving it to me it is saying heat instead but I am still getting over heated in it also it seems these might be an issue as I also have a 30 vit and that doesent seem to work either

First of all; wrong forum. This forum is for SWL, CE forum is this way :slight_smile:

Where are you using the armor? In north? In desert? Have you tried to relog for the vitality issue? I have that somewhat often, that my health doesnt regenerate even tho I do have the perk. Relogging fixes that one for me.

What Tipsu said.

Also, just to cover all bases, I’m guessing you’ve not made Survival a dump-stat?

Getting overheated in an armor that gives cold resistance (aka giving heat) is normal. Don’t use it in the desert or jungle.

To simplify it, your character has a temperature. Armor and environment affect this. Cold resist armor will raise your temperature, giving you the ability to more safely explore cold environments.

That raise in temperature does not go away when you leave a cold environment and enter say the desert. So in the desert you have both cold resist armor and the desert environment raising your temperature causing you to over heat.

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