About Armor and Heat/Cold Resist

Since 3.0 I have found that armor resistance to cold/heat has been nerfed quite a bit, and this has become especially evident with the Epic variants which have the exact same resistance as the regulars.
Is this by design, or is it something that needs to be fixed? I have found exploring the North to be particularly troublesome.

As far as I know, they have changed how bonuses in armor works, and have now tied it to the thralls that craft the armor rather than the armor itself. I am not totally sure how it is calculated, so I refrain to comment more. I do believe this is a “change” rather than a “nerf”.

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Did you put any points into survival prior to 3.0? If you did, you might be noticing the lack of that attribute in 3.0

What most people confuse in this update is that armours has been chandged. They have not. The character changed. We all now miss the second vitality perk which was the diminishing effects of enviroment. This way the characters r now affected way more from temp changes, while armours stayed exactly the same!!!

For me this system is way better as it now presents a challenge even to lvl 60 characters on what they need to have prepared as gear depending the area they want to venture


Did they change the armor information display in game to accurately show how much resistance the armor gives? I know it used to only show one bar, maybe two, but when you put it on and check your stats it’ll show how much resistance you actually got

Indeed. It’s funny how people used to complain about e.g. Survival being a useless stat, and now finding out how much harder life has become without it.

Personally, I miss Antidote of One. I mean, I can get a similar (better) effect from corrupted Vitality, and it makes sense to be an unnatural effect, but I don’t want to corrupt some of my characters.

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