Epic armors (exeptional and flawless) dont have good property on resistence temperatures

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Game mode: Online official/Single-player
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: all
Region: America

as the tittle say, almost all the armors have not good property on resistance temperatures after applying patch fix.

1.- comparing 2 armors between normal and epic same type.

2.-normal armor
normal armorer bench normal armor

3.- epic armor (this one supposed to be more resistance on cold but no)
improve armorer bench epic armor

4.- armor values are different on normal and epic but resistance temperature are the same.


I have observed this as well. It appears to be a bug with Conan Revision (#246072/26452).

The bug is as follows: the Temperature UI for ALL armors appears to show 1 bar of heat and one bar of cold insulation, instead of the values they should show.

Leads me to believe the new UI is misbehaving.

EDIT: Sauce:

ohh well but…it doesn´t affect anything? it just the UI?


What tells your “stat” windows ? You shoud see a summary of all temp resistances there :slight_smile:

Stat window is also useless. If you wear 5 pieces of pretty much anything, it just list 5 bars of heat and 5 bars of cold resistance. The indicator itself is incapable of showing more, so you can’t tell if you have more or not.
Also, the issue isn’t with just flawless and epic armor - as far as I can tell, every single armor item lists one bar of heat and one bar of cold resistance, and 5/5 in the stats when worn.

Ah, all right, it’s a bug. I just started playing and was wondering about this.

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