Armors Temperature Defence

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: South America

Are armors temperature defence working as intended? Maybe there is a visual bug not showing correctly the temperature defense, I don’t know, but armors, each piece, says they protect against 1 of heat or cold, for example the light armor of vanir says it protects against cold, but in the status it shows 2 points in heat defence. It doesn’t make sense.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

It does seem to be quite inconsistent.
If I equip all pieces of any Vanir set, it shows 3 bars of resistance total.

for me i equip vanir medium set and shows only 1 hot resist in status bar. A friend and i both saw it on ourselves so we went to north into the snowy place and we nearly froze to death in 5 sec. we cannot advance to the north like this. Our armors have fortified with t2 armor plating havent tried without it(because we do not have the necessary resources yet cause we moved to the tundra)