Inadequate Insulation on Endgame Armors

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvP
Region: NA-PST

This may not be a bug, but I’m putting it here because it’s ridiculous enough that I assume it’s a bug, or at least not fully implemented…

When you guys did the temperature changes patch with the release of Isle of Siptah, @Ignasi explained in detail the change to the temperature system and these system changes were awesome. However, since that patch, MANY of the level 60 (Exile Epics and DLC) armors no longer give much temperature protection at all.

For example, the Vanir Settler, and Vanir Fur sets both only have 1 bar of heat resist and 1 bar of cold resist. The Vanir Heavy set has 3/4 bars of cold resist and only 1 bar of heat resist, which seems on par with the insulation that I would expect ALL of the Vanir, Hyrkanian, and other cold weather armors to have. Alas, many of the other traditionally cold weather armors–including Cimmerian–now have a measly one bar as well. Making them useless against the cold. The opposite is also true for a lot of traditionally hot weather armors. All of the armors need to be checked.

I believed at first that this was simply a UI bug, but this appears to not be the case, as I have tested the armors in single player extensively. Furthermore, I believe this is an issue of concern because with the release of the Siptah patch, the patch notes posted by @Ignasi specifically stated:

As an example: Vanir Settler armor, being fur, has a higher Cold Resistance than Heat Resistance. Only a select few armors directly modify the temperature directly anymore.

This leads me to futher conclude that this was a bug/unintended, as the “Vanir Settler” armor mentioned above is one of the many late game armors (specifically referring to the Epic versions–although they appear to have the same insulation stats as their non-epic counterparts) with
I will reply to this post shortly with a full list of problematic armors.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Craft or Otherwise acquire most Level 60 crafted armors.
  2. Observe that they only have 1 level of heat and cold resist.
  3. Freeze to death in Vanir Fur Armor
  4. Cringe and/or walk throughout the entire game in Hyena Fur armor because it’s the only non-warmaker armor that’s useful for temp resist. (Used to be warm-weather armor, but now I use it constantly in a perma-frostbite region and it works equally well in volcano)/

I agree. It seems like the temperature system is still need a little tweeking. The temple of frost is very difficult to do in anything but godbreaker.


I’d get Hyena armor, or desert chili. Hyena Armor is stupidly good right now.

Freezing to death in full Vanir (the best non-legendary cold weather armor in the game) is fine?? IDK how you can honestly believe that XD. It makes 0 sense. Also. I never disagreed with the new temperature system. The temperature system is fine. The insulation values on the armor, however, are not.

i mean, what you expect from armor that shows off half of your body naked? lol.

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