Khitan Armor Changing Temperature Resistance

Wearing a full set of Imperial Khitan armor and almost every time I look at my stats it’s changed it’s mind about what temperature it’s protecting me from. It goes from varying levels of cold resistance to varying levels of heat resistance. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Wait each piece has different effect or the pieces itself changes from time to time?

Also when did you craft the armor? Before or after latest patch?

Each piece of the set says it’s 1 cold resistance but when I go north I start freezin my nads off so I check the stats and it’s giving me three heat resistance…
I just crafted a whole new set of Vanir Heavy armor and same problem. It’s giving me heat resistance sometimes, cold resistance other times… Literally all I have to do to see a different stat is close the menu and go back into it…

In fact if I jump on top of my wall I get 3 cold resistance but when I jump down off my wall it’s 2. Is that normal?

Nevermind :slight_smile: Noob discorvers legendary shield. I’m using Mistmourn xD


Try Solspeil :wink:

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