New temperature system UI

Having run into a super-cold spot on one of the higher plateaus, I figured it was time to make some Vanir Fur armor, which is where I ran into this bit of confusion:

Heat Resistance: 3 bars. Cold Resistance: 2 bars.

Wait, Vanir Fur offers more protection against heat than against cold? No. it’s just confusingly worded. I double-checked this by making some Spiced Steak, which also says it grants Heat Resistance. As soon as I ate some, I got the “getting warmer” buff, just as expected.

What I think you’re trying to convey here is “how much does it warm you up in cold spaces” = “heat resistance” and “how much does it cool you down in warm spaces” = “cold resistance.” But that’s not really a great way to word it. I would call that first one “cold protection” and that second one “heat protection.” Or even simpler? Label that first one “insulation” and that second one “ventilation.” Words too fancy? How about just “warming” versus “cooling”?

(As an aside? That screenshot was shot, as you can see, with zero Shelter. When I do it with full Shelter inside a Flotsam structure, it adds another couple of bars to both heat and cold protection – just what I was hoping to see.)

Another problem this UI has is an old one: when looking at the info for a single item of gear, it’s not terribly granular. Not that the full set of Vanir Fur gives 3 heat, 2 cold. But each piece is labeled 1 heat, 1 cold because of round-off error. If you can’t show an actual numeric value, would you please consider scaling that bar chart to a narrower range, so that small differences are visible?

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