Bloodletter Assassin Armor

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YO! Why is there an inconsistency when it comes to the Assassin Armor! When normal it’s cold resistance but elite it’s heat.
It’s even shown on the Wiki. Makes no sense and it’s the only armor set I’ve seen that is afflicted by it.

OH. An fix the Lemurian armor set as well. The stats does still not scale depending on the armorer you use to craft it. Can’t belive it’s still not fixed. That launcher must have taken some priority.

And on a footnote. Who’s idea was it to only let Light/Medium with heat resistance get the Accuracy Bonus? It can be solved though by fixing so that Either the Assassin armor set get’s the Cold Resistance in it’s epic form or fix so the Lemurian Armor set scales when you make a Flawless set of it.

It should be so easy to fix. But there must be a very stubborn reason to why it’s not.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: And that’s just sad

Hey @Mahejo

We’ll send note about the Bloodletter Assassin Armor inconsistency to our team.
Thanks for the feedback.

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Thank you for forwarding it to your team.

Is it also possible to have them look at the Lemurian armor set? It’s not scaling from normal to Flawless

The Lemurian armor has been fixed and unfixed repeatedly.

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