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Greetings All,
I have the game set on Decadent.
What level should handle the snow area by the Volcano?
I am lvl 46 and barely could dent a sabertooth about 25% damage.
Armor at 61% damage reduction.
Weapons at 65- 55 damage and that’s with damage upgrade.
Is there armor that has more than 2 marks for cold.
Still getting freezing until drinking and eating.
Any help welcome

Are you using flawless version of the armor? When it comes to temperature resistances, exceptional is better than normal, and flawless is better than exceptional.


No just normal.

Then I would suggest crafting the exceptional or flawless version. For non-DLC armors, you need a specific T3 armorer for the exceptional armor and a specific T4 armorer for the flawless armor. For example, the flawless version of Vanir Heavy armor can only be crafted if you have Njoror Battleborn or Chieftain Aslaug.

On the other hand, flawless DLC armor can be crafted using any T4 armorer, you don’t need a specific one.

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The game is now a group affair, and where you are at you need top notch everything, to include warming foods

Ok thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

@Pawnstorms If you haven’t done so already, be sure to take a strong fighter along with you to help in combat. Unlike you, they won’t get cold in the snow or overheat in the volcano, so you can always put cooling armor on them when up north then swap gear with them when you return to some place warmer.

One thing I like to do is outfit my follower to do high damage while I use weapons that apply debuffs or damage-over-time effects to enemies (i.e. daggers to bleed & poison, hammer to sunder armor, etc). Using teamwork like this will make combat a lot more manageable.

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You mean pets right and Armor?
Didn’t know they had armor.
Ok thanks,

Also, against most everything except undead and skeletons, use daggers to stack bleed, and poison tip when you can. then it is a dodge and counter fight. Can be done as you learn the different weapons and there debuffs. But in general for PVE, bleed and poison are your friends.

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Well, I suppose you could store a change of clothes inside a pet if you really wanted to, but I was talking about a human fighter thrall that you’ve broken on your wheel of pain. IME, they are more flexible than a pet since you can outfit them with a truncheon for when you want to take prisoners. A pet, on the other hand, has only lethal options at their disposal.

Also, remember in terms of end-game they added cooling versions of Godbreaker armor, which means you can “mix and match” for temperate climate, then switch entirely to one of the other if you’re in extreme heat or cold. Whatever you don’t need to wear, your thrall can. There’s also the “vehemence” elixir which can normalize your body temperature across the board (it’s not cheap to make though).

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Plus the human thralls benefit from the armour bonuses so you can essentially still have some control over which buffs and stats you want to increase on your thralls.

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