Frostbite with Vanir armor and 20 vitality?

I just recently passed level 40 and picked up the Vanir armor recipe set. Made myself some armor and respecced to get 20 vitality for the temperature perk. I still can’t go north. As soon as I cross into the snow, I quickly go to cold, very cold, extremely cold, frostbite.

Is this normal? I feel like I should be able to go with this setup…

Yes, it is normal. In volcano area, it goes extremely hot and heatstroke too.
Bring the food and drink that make you hotter. I normally bring purified water in cold area. In volcano, you need ice to cool you down constantly. Later, you might be able to craft good gears that more resist against temperature. (a bit better)

With Vit20 you shouldn’t be taking damage even if you’re frostbite.

I am though… :frowning:


My first foray into exploring the frozen north was naked with Vit 20 LOL

I wonder why you’re taking damage from frostbite…

You can take spiced haunch or meat with you, as it will give a heating buff. Also some alcohols give a heating buff like Firewater.

Are you on the bridge that’s over the river? You have to actually get away from the river for temps to normalize. You should be very cold once you actually get into the snowy areas.

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They pumped temperature effects in the 500 patch. You take damage from both frostbite and heatstroke even with the perk now. You have a little time, but not a lot.

I can confirm that you get frostbite in the deep north(espeically the ymir temple), but as further you go down it’s working.

Try relogging next time you skill another tree, it seems that there are some stats not applied as you change your skill set.

I am using Vit 3 + Kambujan Armor, it works for me most time, but since the 500 patch there are really different spots where it’s way too cold to walk for too long

I just ran around the entire north with a crappy set of exceptional medium vanir(non epic) and the coldest i ever got was very cold.

go to ymir temple, especially a little bit before this point there are on the left side of the hill iron nodes, I wasn’t able to pick up them all without getting to 25% life, or inside the ymir temple cracking down the black ice nodes, same…

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