Unable to withstand the cold

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Platform: PC
Game mode: Private Testlive | Singleplayer
Version: 94750/17645
Problem: Misc

No matter what I wear I get frostbite. I am just past the grasslands into the snow on the edge of the frozen river. I have tried all gear and upping my survival to 40 to no avail.

Repro steps:

I have the same bug on PC, Single Player. Fur clothes does not work, lighting my torch does not work and have to eat constantly to warm up!

I have the same problem on PC, singleplayer. Nothing warms me up. Guess i have to stay in south.

Heavy fur armors provide more warmth than light and medium fur armors. (I know the insulation indicator on the armor doesn’t show this, but it does.)

With heavy Vanir, I only get Extremely Cold or Frostbite when at the top of mountains or in an icy lake.
Having the Fierce Vitality trait or a dancer companion will allow you to survive frostbite, making the cold negligible. You won’t be able to climb while taking damage from the cold, but you’ll be healing too fast for it to kill you.

Yuppa, I tried that thinking it would make a difference Ex. It didn’t =( Impossible to live anywhere north of the grasslands right now.

It’s actually very easy. Check out my screenshots here.

Each piece of armor in that first screenshot gives +2 protection to the heat, it can make me cold in the desert, yet I remain at full health with frostbite on a mountain.

Armor value reduces the damage frostbite does. With the full armor set, frostbite does 1 damage per tic, which instantly heals because of Fierce Vitality. In the second screenshot I’m only wearing gloves to reduce my damage reduction to 33% At this level frostbite does 3 damage per tic, which also fully heals before I take more damage.

So basically, get Fierce Vitality and the cold is harmless even while nearly naked.

Just went to the black keep with regular medium armor and had frostbite. Swapped to medium vanir fur and I was merely cold after that. The fur armors definitely work. This was on single player on PC.