Volcano question

OK, I’m a big boy now, explored the frozen wastes and now got close to the volcano.

What is the “strategy” to reach it (short of teleporting, I play on PC/SP). You either freeze on the way, or get a heatstroke on arrival. Do you guys carry 2 sets of armor when you go there? With 2 sets of heavy I can barely carry anything else :).

I just wear Silent Legion and ignore the frostbite. It’s harmless with Fierce Vitality.

As you can see, frostbite can’t hurt me even when only wearing gloves. I heal faster than it deals damage with Fierce Vitality.

The armor will keep you cool enough at the volcano.

I remember finding this Passage when exploring the Swamp. I reached its northern exit, and died of frostbite within literally seconds in my standard heavy armor. Never risked going up north without a set of fur since. I’ll try, thanks.

Frostbite damage is affected by armor value.

At 25% damage resistance, I take 3 damage per tick.
At 75%, I take 1 damage per tick. In both cases, Fierce Vitality healed faster than I took damage. Though at the lower armor value I took damage a couple of times before I started healing.

It couldn’t hurt to carry a set though. I do carry a set of Vanir Settler gear with advanced flexibility kits so that I can safely climb in the north. Can’t climb with frostbite after all!

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