Solspeil. Cold Insulation

It’s legendary ability has 5 bars of cold insulation but when i wear it the bars vanish. Same for torches. They say they provide warmth but they don’t when you equip them.

Torches do provide insulation, even if the bar disappears. The temperature meter moves when I pull out a torch or the glowing stick (the blue one that cools you off). I just tested this with Glacier-Crack too. 3 bars of protection against heat, the bars vanish when I draw the axe but I can see the temperature meter drop.

As a side note, those bars are not very good indicators of how much insulation you get! Light and heavy Vanir armor both gives 1 unit of cold protection per piece of gear but the heavy armor provides more than the light. (I did a lot of testing while waiting for meteorites…)

I have the Hyrkanian Raider Armor and it’s a full body outfit. Looks like a heavy trench coat almost. Why isn’t that giving me more cold protection compared to the vanir armors that look less covering.

Yea my armor when i wear it it gives me heat protection on my stats but they say cold protection. Something is broken.

I noticed that frostbite damage is affected by armor value. So if you have heavy armor plus Fierce Vitality, the cold can’t hurt you. Check out my screenshot. Each piece of the armor I’m wearing has 2 units of heat protection. I can actually get the cold status while wearing in the desert, yet I remain at full health with frostbite on a mountain. It keeps ticking down 1 point and immediately back up because of Fierce Vitality.

Even regular Vanir heavy armor is enough to keep frostbite from hurting you with Fierce Vitality, you don’t need epic armor.

There’s a second screenshot where I’m only wearing gloves. They give +2 heat protection. So I only have 33% damage reduction. Frostbite deals 3 damage which heals before I take more frostbite damage.

The cold is way too weak in this game, but so is the heat. I can run around in the desert in heavy vanir and the heat does nothing.

But the insulation stats seem to work. They’re poor at indicating how much they provide but they still work.

For instance if I wear nothing, it shows no insulation. If I put on climbing boots that have +1 to heat, it shows in my stats. If I then equip Zamorian pants that have +1 to cold, it still shows +1 to heat. If I equip the Zamorian top, then it balances out and shows 0 insulation. With one piece of Zamorian alone it shows +1 to cold.
So basically it may not add up the way you expect it to, but every piece of gear I’ve tested works.

Not that it matters because as I’ve shown, the temperature effects are too underpowered to matter.