Cold protection

So I made the raider armor and it gives almost full cold protection on stats. I start taking frostbite damage before I cross the bridge in the cold zone.

What am I doing wrong?

certain areas have “super holy heck thats cold!” and not even best cold defense and spice will stop it.

I assume your talking about Bridge of Betrayer, this is one of those spots. Just run across, or go around it via water/ice below.

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Think of the bridge as being wrapped in the chill of death itself. No amount of protection will shield you from it. Fitting, given what the bridge leads to.

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You might get around frostbite on the bridge if you have epic flawless Khitany Heavy Armour (2 bars of cold protection per piece) plus Solspeil in your left hand. Solspeil is a shield with 5 bars of cold protection.
With this equipment I never have to use spiced foods or ‘hot’ drinks…

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Ah I didn’t know that. Yes I belive that’s the name of the bridge. I ran out on it to see if it had map markers then was going “OH CRAP! THE COLD, IT BURNS US.” lmao

So I’ll keep this in mind because I’d like to try getting some of the Northern resources.

Thanks again.

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I made my own bridge next to it and added bonfires all along it so I can easily run between my base and the other side. Bit extreme but got sick of going over that bridge all the time and freezing. After the vitality nerf it annoyed me to the point of doing that.

That shield looks very nice, hope I get it at some stage!

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Lore stone on bridge, along ledges.

Also good spot early on, slap some insulated house stuff down in 1x1, with spice food and torch for the “keep normal temp” in extreme cold. (you have go abit across bridge)

Few spot in mountains along edges, and few spots. Volcano has spots like this as well. (Super Hot obviously. lol)

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You have to kill lots of world bosses, because Solspeil is a legendary item and you can get it only from a legendary chest. As there are lots of legendary weapons, but only 5 different shields, you have to get lucky or have to grind to make the numbers work for you.

Solspeil has a heat-protection counterpart named Mistmourn… :wink:

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