Solspeil giving heat resistance intead of cold resistance

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Hello, the shield named Solspeil that you get from chest using skeleton keys is supposed to give 5 cold resistance, instead it give 5 heat resistance. ( it had the right bonus before siptah patch )

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1.Log into an official PVE server ( i m playing at 1050 )
2.Loot the shield
3.Check the stats

Odd. I haven’t looked at the stats, but the effect worked fine for me (crossed Bridge of the Betrayer - armour wasn’t keeping me warm enough, pulled out Solspeil and was fine) - maybe just displaying the wrong info? (Or have you also found that it didn’t work for you when needed?)

Oh yes, seems you are right.
The item stat display is bugged, the shield gives you cold protection as intented even though it display 5 heat resistance.
The char stats display is also bugged, doesnt go up in heat or cold protection when wearing the shield.

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